Ep #97: Creating Mega Wealth & Asking “What If…” with Mark Faris

My next guest on The Richard Robbins Show is a familiar voice on the podcast scene but with an exciting and new story to tell.

Mark Faris has had tremendous success in the real estate industry. After only 7 years in real estate, he became Royal LePage’s #1 agent in the country and held that distinction for 5 consecutive years before opening his own brokerage, The Faris Team Real Estate Brokerage.

To listen to this awe-inspiring interview with Mark, check out episode #34 from The Richard Robbins Show.

Today’s interview, however, touches on the possibilities this industry can offer you.

Mark revealed that his ‘why’ and his motivation for success have constantly changed. “It was a matter of just putting food on the table, we had our credit cards with $10,000 in debt. My ‘why’ at that point was to put food on the table and, as a husband, provide.”

Mark explains that after all of his success, the thought that constantly came to him was – What If?

“What if I could create a company that I could really be proud of? That idea was extremely motivating,” Mark tells me which led to the creation of Faris Capital Partners.

Faris Capital Partners focuses on getting premium returns for their Canadian and American investors by investing in multifamily apartments in Florida. His investors see a 15-20% annual return on their money and the goal is to raise over $200 million in capital by 2025.

In this episode of The Richard Robbins Show, Mark and I discuss how he has gone from selling real estate in Ontario to operating an investment firm in Florida. Mark talks about how to balance your life goals (family, friends, health) with your business goals, he explains the process of opening a new company in a different country and talks about how to continuously motivate yourself.

Listen to the Full Episode:

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • Why asking yourself ‘What If…’ can be so powerful
  • Finding out Mark’s ‘Why’ and how that has helped him succeed
  • Why Mark has a 1 to 1 ratio of salespeople and administrators on his team
  • Figuring out how to face growth and hardship with confidence and momentum
  • How to properly balance all of the important things in life
  • The difference between being a real estate agent and a business owner
  • Why your emotional quotient is extremely important
  • The 3 things Mark looks for when hiring new agents
  • The importance of breaking down large goals into digestible tasks
  • What is stack reading and how to do it
  • Why practical work and implementation is more important than theory

Ideas Worth Sharing

If you think you’re the only person who can work with a client, it’s a very narcissistic way of looking at things. Mark Faris Click To Tweet The three things needed to join the Faris team: First one is the genuine love of people. You cant teach that. Second one is youre hungry to learn and third is youre willing to work hard. Mark Faris Click To Tweet You can run as fast as you can but you’ll never catch the horizon, but at least you’re moving towards your goal. @RichardLRobbins Click To Tweet

Resources in Today’s Episode

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