Ep #34: Advice from a Quiet Giant in Real Estate, Mark Faris

My latest guest on The Richard Robbins Show has gone from center ice in the USACHL to center stage in the real estate industry. After only his 7th year in the industry, Mark Faris became Royal LePage’s number one agent in the country and held that distinction for 5 consecutive years.

Last year, Mark, with the support of his team and wife Joanna, secured over 1000 transactions and has since opened his own brokerage, The Faris Team.

Life wasn’t always so clear, though. Newly married and excited for his next chapter in life, Mark entered the Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees locker room to find his equipment in a garbage bag and a plane ticket home. After realizing his professional hockey career was over, he got his real estate license at 24 years old and began his new occupation.

As a self-proclaimed quiet guy, a sales career wasn’t tailor-made for Mark. “At the time when I started, just putting food on the table was the [goal].” In his first 6 months of real estate, he maxed out his credit cards, called his father-in-law for a small loan, and contemplated getting another part-time job to cover living expenses.

From simply putting food on the table to becoming the #1 agent at Royal LePage, Mark tells me his focus was simple, “You do what you need to do at the beginning to drive [your business] forward.”

In today’s episode of The Richard Robbins Show, Mark and I chat about the secret to consistent growth, how to build the perfect team and why the disciplines and traits he acquired playing hockey translated perfectly from on the ice to in the office.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • A step-by-step guide to building the perfect team.
  • Tips for struggling sales professionals on lead generation and prospecting.
  • The difference between Time Management and Attention Management.
  • Determining the right time to hire extra help.
  • Differentiating ‘sales’ work from ‘administrative’ work.
  • The benefits of working for a Team versus working for a Brokerage.
  • The difference between General Training and Specific Training.
  • The importance of working in your ‘Sweet Spot.’
  • The power of being results focused.
  • The most important question you can ask yourself before hiring team members.
  • Why you should write down daily goals and say them out loud.
  • What is a Technology Enhanced Realtor?

Ideas Worth Sharing

It's so easy to be busy and not do the actual, productive work. Today, we get so distracted that we don’t hone in on what matters. @FarisTeam @RichardLRobbins Click To Tweet
I do think that the first hire needs to be a strong, administrative, unlicensed member of your team because there is so much on the backend that can be done. @FarisTeam @RichardLRobbins Click To Tweet
Even if you are good at everything, it’s hard to find time. @FarisTeam @RichardLRobbins Click To Tweet

Resources in Today’s Episode

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