Ep #115: From Trauma to Triumph: Creating a Life of Joy with Dr. Don Wood

On the 115th episode of The Richard Robbins Show, I sit down with Dr. Don Wood, author, speaker, founder & CEO of the Inspired Performance Institute and creator of the patented TIPP (The Inspired Performance Program) method, focusing on helping people resolve their trauma and get their lives to a place of high performance.

Dr. Don Wood has dedicated his life to helping thousands of people live a better life and overcome the effects of stress, anxiety, depression, trauma and addiction with his neuroscience-backed program, TIPP.

As entrepreneurs and sales professionals, I know firsthand the stresses of everyday life. Call reluctance, panic attacks, addiction, depression – we all have trauma we must overcome to live a healthier and more fulfilled life.

Inspired by his daughter’s Crohn’s diagnosis, Don began his research into trauma, theorizing that we should be looking at the root cause of our ailments rather than diagnosing and medicating the symptoms.

In this episode of The Richard Robbins Show, Dr. Wood and I talk about the importance of analyzing your trauma and understanding how to treat it without the use of medication. Dr. Wood shares his insights into the correlation between childhood trauma and safe spaces, why patience is the key to healing and how healing your inner trauma can improve your physical and mental health.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • How to deal with trauma in your life and understanding the source.
  • Take you through the process of dealing with trauma without medication.
  • How dealing with your trauma can heal you physically.
  • Why making your home a safe space is of the utmost importance.
  • The importance of patience and how it can positively affect your life.
  • The effect that trauma can have on children and how it will affect their entire lives.

Ideas Worth Sharing

If you can make your home safe, you change the trajectory of your child's life. Not only just their personal life, but their health because there is a direct connection between health and your childhood Click To Tweet Those types of trauma loops or emotional concussion loops that are running in the background, affect our ability to perform at our highest level Click To Tweet Not everything is a big trauma. An emotional concussion could be that parent who was always critical of you. They're trying to motivate you, thinking, ‘I’m going to make you better’. Yet that for a child has a major effect Click To Tweet

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