Ep #3: The Pain Point that Became a Turning Point with Richard Robbins

We often prioritize our businesses in ways that work against the wonderful and beautiful lives we want to live. In this episode, Richard does some self-reflecting and encourages you to do the same when it comes to how your business is serving your life (or the other way around). He breaks down the importance of guarding against doing work that drains the life out of you and how to build both a life and a business that are fulfilling and balanced.

Exploring past experiences and pain points are some of the greatest opportunities to learn, so listen in to hear Richard reflect on what it means to craft and build a business, rather than simply earn a living. You’ll discover the importance of creating boundaries and working more intentionally to serve your life.

Listen to the Full Episode:

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The importance of creating a business that serves your life.
  • How to take those often painful moments and turn them into powerful defining moments.
  • One particular pain point that became a turning point for Richard.
  • How to identify if you’re living in silent desperation and how to break free from it.
  • One of the great challenges many people face.
  • How to predict your future by tracking your past.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Is your business serving your life, or is your life serving your business? - @RichardLRobbins Click To Tweet Defining moments—as painful as they can be—they become our greatest teaching opportunities. -@RichardLRobbins Click To Tweet You’re earning a living, but you haven’t built a business. -@RichardLRobbins Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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