RRI’s Triple Play: Boosting Leads and Creating Consistency

Real estate is a contact sport. Meaning, the more contacts you make, the more leads you will generate and the more transactions you will do. It really is that simple. 

Consider the game of golf. Nothing happens (no score) until you swing the club. Once you swing, you’ll either make contact with the ball or you’ll miss. If you miss, you swing again – hopefully not too many times before you make contact. The point I’m trying to make is that in order to move the game forward, you have to keep swinging. 

The same rule applies in real estate. Not much is going to happen until you start reaching out to people. People in your database, past clients, potential clients (leads) or people who could potentially refer business to you. 

So, how do you make the task of proactively reaching out to people easier? You start by breaking down big, often overwhelming, contact goals into smaller “micro-commitments.” 

Enter Triple Play, RRI’s lead booster tool designed to help you maintain consistency in your daily lead generation efforts. 

So what is Triple Play? It’s choosing your top 3 methods of communication whether it’s email, text, phone, video or messenger, and then setting a goal for the number of daily reach outs you will make in each method.



Your Triple Play could be to do 3 emails, 3 texts and 3 phone calls each (5 days per week).  

This works out to be 45 contacts per week or 2,160 contacts per year (based on working 48 weeks per year). 

Would making 2,160 contacts change your business? Yes, so let’s get started.


Who Should You Reach Out To?

  1. Current and past clients
  2. Current and past leads
  3. Strategic alliances/businesses
  4. Agents in your referral network


What Should You Say?

The first and only rule of thumb is to deliver and/or offer value. Here are a few ideas:

  • To follow up on a CMA or Market Update you sent
  • To update them on a new listing or sale in their area
  • To update them on current mortgage rates or trends
  • To provide them with a local market update (video or print)
  • To invite them to a client appreciation event
  • To say happy birthday, anniversary, congrats or other well wishes
  • To update them on a new local business that is having a special
  • To provide them a new Trades & Services directory
  • To update them on local or community events coming up
  • To provide them with a one-sheet/article relevant to them (buyer, seller or homeowner)
  • To answer a question (before it is asked) that a buyer, seller or homeowner likely has on their mind


Until next time, remember it’s a beautiful life, make it count.