The Old, Now and New Normal in Real Estate Post-COVID

When it comes to real estate today, we have three “normals” we’re dealing with.

As we look back (Pre-COVID), we had the “Old Normal” where open houses were plentiful, in-person showings were encouraged and the markets were heating up for a great spring.

The “Now Normal” is of course much different with a temporary ban on open houses, heightened restrictions and safety protocols for all showings and a move toward “contactless” transactions.

As we patiently await the evolution of the “New Normal,” my sense is that it will be a hybrid of the “old” and the “now” normal.

Success in real estate will require a healthy marriage between technology and humanity where agents learn to create exceptional virtual experiences while bringing calm and confidence to a stressful circumstance.

Learn more in this short video on how COVID and physical distancing has put a premium on tech-savvy real estate professionals, what virtual platforms you need to master to succeed and how you can bring value to your clients’ lives now and in the future.

It’s a beautiful life, make it count.