The New Year Dip: 38 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated

For most, the new year brings a great sense of excitement, and the opportunity to leave behind the old and embrace the new. It?s a time of fresh hope for a better future, optimism, and new confidence.

After a few weeks, though, there?s often a ?dip? in our motivation, and we begin to slide back into our old state. Perhaps we discover that we?re faced with many of the same problems and challenges as the previous year. Maybe our new year dream is not unfolding as quickly as we had hoped.

Whatever the reason, it can be a difficult time for many. As the depths of winter arrive, we begin to think that maybe this year is really no different than last year and we start to settle into our old patterns and behaviours.

And when that happens, we also begin to surrender the excitement, dreams and goals that we began the year with.

Here are 38 ways to stay motivated through the new year dip:

  1. Write down 5 things you have to be thankful for daily.
  2. Listen to music that pumps you up.
  3. Learn to meditate, and do it daily.
  4. Review your dreams and goals every morning.
  5. Tell someone you love them.
  6. Focus on what is right in your life, not what is wrong.
  7. Listen to inspiring personal development audio books or programs when traveling.
  8. Perform random acts of kindness.
  9. Don?t read or listen to the news until the evening. Almost all news is negative.
  10. Join Twitter and follow people who publish inspiring or uplifting thoughts.
  11. Read The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann.
  12. Do something everyday that brings you pure joy.
  13. Make decisions quickly.
  14. Limit the amount of television you watch.
  15. Encourage others.
  16. Drink lots of water.
  17. Eliminate negative people and negative energy from your life.
  18. Live in a state of curiosity.
  19. Get in great shape.
  20. Call someone and thank them for being a part of your life.
  21. Overcome a fear.
  22. Watch an inspiring movie.
  23. Take food, clothing or blankets to a homeless person.
  24. Take time to rest and recharge ever week.
  25. Plan something special for someone you love.
  26. Eat a high protein diet with lots of vegetables.
  27. Plan and book your next holiday.
  28. Quit a bad habit.
  29. Read Start with Why by Simon Sinek.
  30. Take a dog for a walk.
  31. Surround yourself with positive people that make you feel good.
  32. Exercise first thing in the morning.
  33. Tell someone you love them. (Yes, this one?s on the list twice.)
  34. Fire your negative and difficult customers.
  35. Compliment five people each day.
  36. Focus on the solution, not the problem.
  37. Read the Leader Who Had No Title by Robin Sharma.
  38. Be thankful every morning when you wake up?you are alive.

How do you stay motivated through the new year dip? Share your ideas in the comments ? your help might make the difference for someone!