Ep #68: Raining Referrals with Unyielding Customer Service, with Vance Robbins

This next episode of The Richard Robbins Show is particularly special to me because I got to sit down with my younger brother.

Vance Robbins, owner of Anden Kitchen & Bath Centre in Peterborough, Ontario, has built a tremendous business that thrives on word of mouth (referrals). He started door-knocking in his Peterborough neighbourhood in 1991 and today his company is doing well over 200 kitchen and bath jobs a year.

Not only is this podcast a story of determination and hard work but it is also filled with insights on how to provide sensational customer service that produces a 90% referral rate.

But Vance proves the epitome of one of my favourite quotes by Dan Sullivan and that is to focus on the who, rather than the how.

Vance tells me, “I found out quickly that I wasn’t very good at doing the renos. Dad used to say, ‘Vance, how are you going to start a renovation company? You don’t even know what a hammer is!’” 

But Vance soon realized that his talents were not wielding a hammer and tool belt, instead, it was finding the business and creating a chain of customers so that the company would keep busy.

“As I progressed through it, the one thing I found was that I could get the jobs. My asset was going out and basically knocking doors.”

In this episode of The Richard Robbins Show, my younger brother and I talk about the importance of impeccable customer service. Vance sheds light on why doing the small things right makes the biggest difference in business and why a problem can be your biggest opportunity to impress the customer.


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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • Why you should deliver excellent customer service at every opportunity.
  • How to train your company to provide a seamless customer experience.
  • The importance of: Who not how.
  • Why addressing your mistakes immediately is crucial to your success.
  • How to build trust and level-up your service.
  • Why a proper work-life balance is critically important.

Ideas Worth Sharing

I don’t hire on experience, I hire on attitude. I can train anybody to do anything, if they have the right attitude. @AndenBathCentre @richardlrobbins Click To Tweet Balance is everything. When I work, I work really hard but when it’s time to have some fun, I’m able to step away and I can shut it off. @AndenBathCentre @richardlrobbins Click To Tweet When things happen, you take care of them, you never let them go on because it’ll never go away. When you have a customer problem, it can be your biggest opportunity. @AndenBathCentre @richardlrobbins Click To Tweet

Resources in Today’s Episode

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