What’s Your One Thing That Will Make All the Difference?

I am a fan of anyone who is a master of their craft. It takes dedication and hard work to become regarded as one of the best in any field you choose to focus on.

One such idol of mine is Jerry Seinfeld. A man so famously known that you don’t even need to say his full name to identify him. He is the face of observational comedy and an icon in the entertainment world.

So, how does one become an overnight success? Simple: Consistent dedication to an ordinary task that will lead to extraordinary results.

As a comedian, Jerry Seinfeld craved the stage. He wanted to practice in front of audiences to sharpen his skills and gain exposure. However, what made Jerry a true master wasn’t his time on stage, rather, it was his time off of it.

In the infancy of his comedy career, Jerry made the conscious decision to write jokes every day for 60 minutes. It didn’t matter the day, he would sit down and write. Jerry knew that the backstage work was the fuel that would launch his on-stage work to new heights.

So, I ask you, what is the one thing that you could do everyday that would take your business to a whole new level? What backstage work could you focus on daily to change the future of your business and your life?

I would suggest it’s something I call The Triple Play.

I would encourage you to find 3 ways of reaching out to your database and dedicate yourself to contacting a certain number of people every single day. It may look something like this:

Send 5 Emails
Send 5 Texts
Make 5 Phone Calls

Now, you can start with 1 person in each category if that’s what it takes for you to begin and succeed. The secret is to be consistently dedicated to these ordinary tasks.

Even today, Jerry Seinfeld still takes 60 minutes out of his day to write because the on-stage spotlight shines brightest when the backstage work is done.

Remember, it’s a beautiful life, make it count.