3 Steps to Powerful Performance

Call me an optimist, but I believe everyone is interested in positive change. I believe everyone would like to improve the quality of their life and/or the success of their business in some way. I think it is also fair to say that we would all like to be more productive, make more money, improve our relationships, improve our health, experience more energy and/or create balance in our lives.

Surpassing even gravity, hope for a bigger and better future is the most powerful force in the world pulling us past obstacles we often never thought possible. In fact, I believe hope is so powerful that it can actually keep people alive. Now imagine harnessing the power of this force on a daily basis and waking up motivated and excited for the possibilities of the day that lay ahead! Here are a few steps to help get you there.

Step #1 – Say no to the “Drama.”
More often than we care to believe or perhaps admit, we get caught up in the “drama” of our changing world. Drama sells but what we don’t realize is the enormous negative impact it can have on our outlook for the future as well as our effectiveness and productivity. I challenge you to be a leader in the war on drama. Don’t succumb to headlines or allow yourself to be drawn into negative conversation that serves only to hold you back and keep you small!

Step #2 – Get clear on exactly where you are going.
This is not rocket science, just a reminder that the greatest motivator in the world is to focus on what we want in our future, rather than on what we have to do to get it. When you know what you want, and you want it bad enough, you will find a way to get it.

Step #3 – Embrace the little things and know that even the smallest of changes can lead to big results.
I read an online article about golf swings that said the difference between a horrible golf shot and a perfect fairway drive can be as small as one millimeter in any particular direction in a golf swing. Perfection can be as close as 1/10 of a centimeter away. Know that even small changes in your business, and your life, can lead to dramatic results.

Until next time, make it count.

Richard Robbins