Ep #69: How I reached 47 Transactions in Year 1 in Real Estate with Meg McLean

On the 67th episode of The Richard Robbins Show, my next guest is just a few years into her real estate career and is already thriving with her own small team in the Whistler, British Columbia area. In her first year alone, she did 47 transactions and this year (2022), she’s on track to over 80 transactions. 

Meg McLean, an RRI Coaching Member and team lead of the Meg McLean Real Estate Team, started her real estate career in administration. “I started off there because I really wanted to understand everything from start to finish. I had no idea about the paperwork, I didn’t know anything. Learning all of that, I felt as though there was a better way.”

Her systematic approach to real estate has helped her create a structured and standardized business that works with both buyer and seller clients.

And, in this episode, she shares the entire 8-step process.

Download Meg’s “Building Buyer’s Trust” Step-by-Step Guide here.

Her motivation for creating the business model is easy she tells me, “Think less and be more productive at the same time.”

Meg continues to say that, “You’re helping yourself be a better real estate agent by setting these systems up for yourself. Your clients never have to ask you what’s next. You’re volunteering the information to them so they never have any questions.”

In this episode of The Richard Robbins Show, Meg and I chat about the benefits of introducing systems into your business. Meg shares her 8-step listing process, provides ideas to deliver gold-star service to your clients and tips on creating a powerfully run real estate team.

Download Meg’s “Building Buyer’s Trust” Step-by-Step Guide here.


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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • How creating a system-dependent business will benefit both you and your clients.
  • The most important tool that will help you connect with your clients.
  • Why you should create a buyer’s manual and listing manual. 
  • How systems can provide clarity for your clients. 
  • Compartmentalizing your business to create greater efficiencies.
  • Meg’s 8-Step Listing Process.
  • How to provide Gold-Star service to your clients.
  • Why ‘removals of conditions’ are the best time to ask for a referral or review.
  • Download Meg’s “Building Buyer’s Trust” Step-by-Step Guide here.

Ideas Worth Sharing

Helping is the best. It’s so fun and empowering them to do whatever it is that they want to do! Meg McLean @richardlrobbins Click To Tweet Great salespeople are problem solvers. They find out what somebody’s deep need is and they help to fulfill that. Meg McLean @richardlrobbins Click To Tweet I never want a buyer or seller to have a regret. I want them to feel that they made the absolute best choice at that time, that they were completely educated on all outcomes and that they have made the best decision. Meg McLean… Click To Tweet

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