Getting the Most Out of a Real Estate Conference

Canada’s brightest minds in real estate gather together for RRI’s Masters Academy Real Estate Sales Conference twice per year.  This groundbreaking conference gets to the core of what’s innovative and working in the industry right now and delivers real time, real estate intelligence, at its finest.

A conference is an investment in your life, and in your business, and surely you want to get as much out of the experience as possible.  With that in mind, we’ve put together a few tips on how you can make the most of your real estate conference experience.  Whether you’re attending Master’s Academy or another real estate conference this season, here are 4 important things to keep in mind:


1.  Come With a Question You Want Answered

You attract to you that which you think of most, so what are you looking to attract in the event?  Spend some time reflecting before the conference and decide what your biggest business challenge is at the moment.  Are you looking for help in your negotiations? Maybe you’d like some advice on time management?  Keep this question in mind both while you’re listening to speakers and while you’re networking with other agents.  Don’t be afraid to ask other agents if this is a problem they too face and what they’re doing to work through it. Asking questions is a great way to supercharge your networking.


2.  Make Meaningful Connections at a Conference

Networking is not an exchange of business cards; it’s mastering the art of building rapport and forging new relationships with potential agents for referral sources.  Follow the tips below to help keep your networking connections meaningful:

  • Be interested, not just interesting.
    In general, people are much more likely to remember those who took an interest in them.
  • Ask questions and avoid rambling on about yourself.
    Remember, whomever is asking the questions is in control of the conversation.
  • Create connections, not just contacts.
    It’s quality over quantity when it comes to networking. Spend more time talking to fewer people. Focus on building rapport to create lasting relationships.
  • Follow up after the event.
    Write down interesting points about the people you enjoyed meeting on their business cards and be sure to follow up with those you developed a connection with when you get home. Qualify your connection by sending them a follow up card, email or text.
  • Foster relationships you already have.
    Conferences are not just about making new connections; they’re about fostering those networking relationships you already have.  Decide who you want to reach out to before the event and make plans to get together during the week.


3.  Be Present

A conference is a chance to work on your business, not in your business.  Whether you’re traveling to the conference or not, think of the event as you would a vacation and try to take care of as much business as possible beforehand.  Maybe have another agent in your office field your calls and only check in with him at the beginning and end of the day. Avoid the conference phone rush so that your breaks and lunchtime can be used to build rapport and foster relationships with other agents.  Besides, isn’t the old adage that the best way to get new business in real estate is to take a vacation?


4.  Pick One or Two Ideas to Implement

RRI is all about building your business, your way.  We know that not every idea is going to work for every business and trying everything at once is a sure fire way to fail.  Instead, write down one or two ideas you think will work best for you right now and incorporate those into your business when you get home.

We hope to see you November 27 & 28th in North Toronto for Master’s Academy – Canada’s most results focused real estate sales conference.


Until next time, make it count!