Ep #99: Marketing and Your Values: Why the Two Must Work Together, with Juliet Wright

Creating a brand is one of the most difficult things when starting a business. Your brand holds so much weight, as our next guest describes it, “It’s what other people are saying about you when you’re not in the room.”

Juliet Wright, Founder and CEO of Tally Creative, is our next guest on The Richard Robbins Show. A Brand Stylist who focuses on empowering you and your business, Juliet is the leader of a dynamic team that has pioneered a groundbreaking methodology for brand development.

“Often times to get a brand off the ground, or a company off the ground, you need someone to believe in you and see that big picture,” Juliet tells me.

Today, Juliet tells me that Tally Creative focuses on inspiring belief, activating potential and elevating excellence, taking a company’s brand, marketing and advertising to a whole new level.

In this episode of the Richard Robbins Show, Juliet discusses the importance of knowing (and living) your values as a company, and why having a solid foundation rooted in your values is key to your success.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • Why sometimes starting backward is exactly where you should begin
  • Why you shouldn’t accept ‘good enough’ in your business
  • Why having a magnetic and charming brand is exclusive to the authentic
  • Understanding where you want to go with your business and brand
  • Juliet’s ‘proof points’ and why they are crucial to your business and success
  • Developing core values as a company to help define yourself
  • How core values will help with decision-making
  • Why digging deep into your core values will be a game changer in your business
  • Why you should think about branding like building a campfire

Ideas Worth Sharing

In its simplest form, a brand is what other people are saying about you when you’re not in the room. Juliet Wright Click To Tweet Start thinking about what sets you apart. Core values should be able to translate, even if you switch careers; they should be able to move with you. Juliet Wright Click To Tweet Branding really helps lay the foundation, not just for the visual elements, but for the tone of voice of ‘Who are we?’ and it does start at the top but it has to funnel all the way through. Juliet Wright Click To Tweet

Resources in Today’s Episode

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