Ep #60: Transforming from Salesperson to Business Owner with CEO Matthew Regan

My next guest on The Richard Robbins Show started selling real estate at just 19 years old. Today, at only 37, he’s retired from selling real estate and instead focuses his attention on being the CEO of his own, industry-leading brokerage.

Matthew Regan, CEO of The Regan Team, consistently finds himself amongst Royal LePage’s top 10 brokerages in Canada. Despite this success, he found himself struggling to find a proper work-life balance. “I was running with my head down,” Matthew tells me. 

“If you’re not careful your life is going to pass you by, you’re going to be the greatest real estate agent on planet earth, but you’ll have nothing to show for it.”

So, in 2017 Matthew made the decision to quit selling real estate and change his focus to running his business.

In this episode of The Richard Robbins Show, Matthew shares how to change from being a salesperson to becoming a business owner. He explains the power of an early riser, how to create sustainable growth in your business and how to get off the real estate treadmill and start living a life worth remembering.

Listen to the Full Episode:

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • Why and how to have a proper work-life balance.
  • How to get off the real estate treadmill and become a business owner.
  • The proper mindset to letting go and being content.
  • Why self-care is important.
  • Why merging new real estate agents with veteran agents creates harmonized success.
  • The difference between a pleasurable life and a meaningful one.
  • The secret to getting out of bed in the morning.

Ideas Worth Sharing

Transparency leads to trust. Matthew Regan @richardlrobbins Click To Tweet Money is obviously very important but money can create headaches and it can create problems and generally it’s sourced through people. Matthew Regan @richardlrobbins Click To Tweet Ideas are dangerous if they’re not implemented. The world doesn’t need new ideas. We need people to act upon what we already know is right. Matthew Regan @richardlrobbins Click To Tweet

Resources in Today’s Episode

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