Ep #54: Single Mom with a Single Goal: How Fierce Determination Can Change Everything with Tracy Mullin

In the 54th episode of The Richard Robbins Show, I sit down with a woman I’ve known for nearly two decades, who, while raising two daughters alone and leaving the comfort of her full time job to build a real estate business, is now a million dollar agent, enjoys weekends at the cottage and is a testament to what hard work and determination can achieve.

Tracy Mullin, team leader of the Kayland Group in Durham Region, didn’t start out in real estate with the ambitions she’s given herself today. “I just wanted to make $80,000 [a year], so to make the kind of money that I’ve made consistently over the years is pretty incredible. I’m very blessed.”

Her strict schedule has given her more freedom. As entrepreneurs, we all know how difficult it can be working only 9-5, but Tracy has made it her mission to do just that. “I decided I was going to replace money for time. I was okay with paying somebody to get my time back and I have lived that for 17 years.”

It wasn’t always so black and white. 

In this raw, inspiring interview, Tracy tells me that it took effort to live the way she does today. “I was forgetting to pick my daughter up at gymnastics at 9 o’clock at night. That’s not how I wanted to treat my kids. I learned a lot of hard lessons along the way in the first two years. I was not going to repeat those kinds of mistakes.”

Please enjoy this outstanding interview with Tracy Mullin.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • The importance of procedures and systems to help run a successful business.
  • How to create a motivated and productive real estate team.
  • The importance of hiring slow and firing fast.
  • How to become a master of delegation to achieve success.
  • Tracy’s 3 Financial Wisdoms that she wishes she knew sooner.
  • Why mindset is critical to your mental and physical well being.

Ideas Worth Sharing

Rich now means to me something totally different than it did before. I would rather be rich in relationships, rich in love and rich in time than anything else. But the money helps. Tracy Mullin @richardlrobbins Click To Tweet
I’ve always had this fierce determination that I can do anything I set my mind to. I wasn’t setting my mind to it if I was half in and half out. Tracy Mullin @richardlrobbins Click To Tweet
Everything I do, I do it fast. I eat fast, I walk fast, I talk fast. So I just assumed real estate was going to be fast, it was not. I was 6 months in real estate before I sold my first house. Tracy Mullin @richardlrobbins Click To Tweet

Resources in Today’s Episode

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