Ep #45: A Millennial Superstar’s Real Estate Playbook with Tom Storey

My next guest on The Richard Robbins Show sits among the top 1% all REALTORS® in his highly competitive marketplace, top 1% in Canada within his franchise and ranks in the top 100 under 35 with REP magazine.

Tom Storey, Team Leader of The Storey Team in Toronto, Ontario, began his career in real estate straight out of university at the bright age of 22. “I actually didn’t like the idea of sales,” Tom tells me. “That kind of made me nervous at the beginning. But when I realized it’s really just human relationships, that was the moment I thought there was an opportunity here.”

From tracking down leads over Kijiji to now delivering over 10,000 direct mailers to condo residents in the Toronto downtown core, Tom’s business has evolved with strategic marketing, expert industry knowledge and a knack for creative and synergistic business development.

In only his 7th year in real estate, Tom has become an expert in his marketplace and is a sought-after voice with the Toronto media. “I built my database, primarily with downtown condos. I was in every single building, I knew the floor plans, I was starting to become known and feel like an expert.”

In this content-packed episode of The Richard Robbins Show, Tom and I discuss tips and tactics to fuelling your real estate business. Tom reveals his 3 best marketing strategies for consistent growth, how to adapt video into your business and provides an almost overwhelming number of strategies for both brand new and seasoned real estate professionals.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • From Surviving to Thriving
  • How to Build a Team – From How to Who.
  • Friendships and Business Partnerships.
  • 3 Types of Leverage in Your Business (Time, Income and Impact).
  • Tom’s Top 3 Marketing Strategies.
  • The Difference Between Top Performers and the Industry Standard.
  • The Importance of Video and Why It is a Non-negotiable in Business.
  • The Power of Consistent Marketing.
  • Video Tips and Tactics.
  • How to Create Virtual CMAs (Real Estate Health Checks).
  • Opportunities with Online Booking and Farming Leads.
  • A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Win Multiple Offers.
  • The Importance of Delivering Consistent Value to Your Database.
  • How to Treat ‘A’ List vs. ‘B’ List Contacts in your Database.
  • The Power of Time Blocking Personal vs. Business Priorities.

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Resources in Today’s Episode

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