Ep #36: Against All Odds: A Story of Grit and Perseverance with Sebastián Sosa

In Episode 36 of The Richard Robbins Show, I sat down with regional owner of RE/MAX Argentina and Uruguay, Sebastián Sosa. Together, Sebastián and his wife Dotti took RE/MAX overseas in a story of true persistence, resilience and entrepreneurial spirit.

Sebastián began life wanting to follow the humanitarian footsteps of his parents. With a Masters Degree in Political Science his ambition was to become a Diplomat, but after failing to find suitable work, his career aspirations were derailed.

He was offered a position as a real estate agent in a friend’s brokerage, but Sebastián was far from impressed. “I have a Masters Degree, I’m not going to be selling houses. To me it was like a downgrade.” But as the saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Sebastián found that the humanitarian work of his parents and his own real estate efforts weren’t all that different. “Within a month, I loved it because it’s about people. It’s really about connecting with people and helping people find their place.”

Within a year and a half of starting his career in real estate, Sebastián and Dotti secured the rights to RE/MAX Argentina and took their dream overseas. With little money and even smaller reputation, introducing the structured RE/MAX business model to a notoriously unorganized industry in Argentina wasn’t going to be easy.

“Only 3% of our franchises come within the industry,” Sebastián tells me. Instead of selling franchises to an uninterested real estate industry, they instead went and found business people who may be interested in RE/MAX. This was the start of their hard fought success story.

In this episode of The Richard Robbins Show, Sebastián and I discuss the importance of grit and determination, why having a vivid goal is crucial to your ability to succeed and why anyone with passion in their heart can achieve their dreams.

Sebastian and his wife are some of the most genuine and kindhearted people I know and I am thrilled to share this interview with you. Enjoy.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • The importance of networking and attending conferences.
  • The power of perseverance.
  • Why visualizing your dreams can help create them.
  • How to change and influence your industry.
  • Mastering your morning routine.
  • How hunger and passion can take you further than you ever imagined.

Ideas Worth Sharing

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