Ep #28: Reducing Stress, Finding Zen with Jason Campbell

“I wonder what thought I’m going to have next.”

A curious question to ask yourself, but this was just many of the concepts and ideas that were discussed during the latest episode of The Richard Robbins Show.

My next guest was introduced to meditation at just 8 years old and is now founder and Master Instructor at his practice, Zen Wellness. Jason Campbell has spent over 40 years studying meditation, martial arts and music to create an immersive and accessible meditative experience for people of all ages and levels.

Jason puts it simply, “Think of meditation as putting the snow globe down.” This spoke to me as I’ve attempted meditation with little success. Many times, I find myself thinking too much and quit out of frustration. But Jason begs for consistency rather than duration. “Everyone has 5 minutes,” he tells me and claims that just 5 minutes of meditation a day can improve your life in countless ways.

Jason explains, “You can think of meditation as a form of presence. Being fiercely present, being fiercely in the ‘now’.” I don’t think there has ever been a better time for such a message to be heard.

Listen closely to this master of his craft. In times of stress and uncertainty, these secrets to calming our body and mind have never been more important. Please enjoy this wonderful interview with Master Jason Campbell.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • The benefits of meditation and how to implement it into your life.
  • How to control your inner dialogue (The Monkey Mind).
  • How to develop the habit of turning off your mind.
  • Getting a better ROI while working out at the gym.
  • What is Zen and how to achieve it.
  • Why you are not your thoughts.
  • The 3 things you need to do for meditation.
  • Creating space between action and reaction.
  • The creation of stress and how to dissolve it.
  • Why intention is important.

Ideas Worth Sharing

Meditation changes your brain chemistry, it adds creativity. It’s been estimated we have between 60,000 and 100,000 thoughts a day. 99% are the same thoughts you had yesterday...so most of them we don’t need. @RichardLRobbins Click To Tweet
When you can go to that place of not having a thought for a moment, well, then you can have all types of new thoughts. @RichardLRobbins Click To Tweet
100% happy is impossible. Because if you were always happy, you’d never be happy. You actually need a little dollop of a darker emotion to create happiness. So, the next time you feel upset or frustrated, take a deep breath, laugh… Click To Tweet
I wonder what thought I’m going to have next. @RichardLRobbins Click To Tweet

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