Ep #22: Marketing is Problem-Solving: What real estate problems are you solving? (with Ron Tite)

Every day, consumers vote with their time. Attention is the new currency and if you aren’t getting eyeballs on your efforts, then no one is paying attention to what you’re doing. Marketing yourself, and your business, is the greatest sales strategy you can subscribe to.

On today’s episode of The Richard Robbins Show I was privileged enough to sit down with best-selling author, award-winning advertising writer, speaker, comedian and “Top 10 Creative Canadians” as named by Marketing Magazine, Ron Tite.

Founder and CEO of Church + State marketing agency, Ron has been known to set the benchmark for compelling and innovative marketing strategies. Working with Fortune 500 companies, Ron has helped blend advertising and content together to create authentic, high-quality promotions.

For Ron, being an effective salesperson is more than just selling yourself. “If you don’t believe in something that goes beyond selling the home, you’re just competing against the entire rest of the market.” Ron is a firm believer in selling your values as a sales professional rather than only selling your skill.

In today’s episode of The Richard Robbins Show, Ron and I talk about effective marketing and sales strategies, why authenticity is crucial for the success of your business and why being a problem solver is a skill set every entrepreneur needs to master.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • Why creativity is an essential piece to your business model.
  • How to differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • Why it is absolutely necessary to believe in what you’re selling.
  • The importance of authenticity.
  • How to use RRI’s Lifetime Referral System.
  • How to build advocates for your business.
  • Why being a problem solver is a must in today’s business world.
  • How iBuyers are shaping the real estate environment.
  • What we can learn from industry coup d’état’s.
  • Why you must justify your fees by adding value.
  • Learn Ron’s 4 Questions for a Prosperous Career.

Ideas Worth Sharing

The purpose is more important than the profit. @rontite @RichardLRobbins Click To Tweet
...People realize there is actually value in the outsourcing of the task. As long as the person who is completing that deal solves your problem and adds value to justify the fee, people will come back. @rontite @RichardLRobbins Click To Tweet
More and more, what people want you to do, given this crazy busy world, is to shut up and solve their problem. @rontite @RichardLRobbins Click To Tweet
If you don’t believe in something that goes beyond selling the home, you’re just competing against the entire rest of the market. @rontite @RichardLRobbins Click To Tweet

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