Ep #20: Aligning with iBuyers and Embracing Technology Disruptors with CEO Martin Charlwood

At 12 years old, my next guest on The Richard Robbins Show helped name Canada’s largest, single-brand travel agency organization at his family’s kitchen table, and a few decades later, finds himself seated as the CEO.

Martin Charlwood, CEO of Century 21 and the Charlwood Pacific Group, stepped foot into the family business at a young age. In University, Martin and his brother owned and operated a UNIGLOBE franchise (a company owned under the CPG travel division). Upon graduation, Martin worked at UNIGLOBE’s head office, but he by no means was handed the keys to the kingdom. “[I] started at the absolute bottom. I think in any family business that’s what needs to happen, you need to earn your stripes.”

His journey from emptying garbage cans and being a support person, to working in marketing, sales and, ultimately, becoming president of the global organization, is a story less about inheritance and more about passion and determination.

The Charlwood Pacific Group’s real estate division operates Century 21, Centum Mortgage Brokerages and Real Property Management, providing step-by-step assistance throughout a homeowner’s purchasing experience. Martin tells me the concept is pretty straight forward, “We’d like to be able to sell you a house…we’d like to help arrange the financing, and if you’re thinking about getting some income out of that, we’d also like to manage it for you so you’ve got a one-stop-shop.”

With over 127,000 Century 21 agents operating in 80 countries and territories worldwide, this episode of The Richard Robbins Show talks about how to treat your locally owned business like a globally run corporation. Martin and I talk about business growth and development, why we should embrace new real estate technology and ‘disruptors’, and how franchising has helped take the Charlwood Pacific Group worldwide.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • How to franchise and its growth possibilities.
  • The importance of embracing new technology in real estate.
  • Aligning yourself with iBuyer technology.
  • How to appeal to the new generation of homebuyer.
  • The power of written goals and accountability.
  • Why it is absolutely crucial to ‘own the relationship.’
  • Providing solutions and convenience to your clients and potential customers.

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Ep #20: Aligning with iBuyers and Embracing Technology Disruptors with CEO Martin Charlwood Click To Tweet

Resources in Today’s Episode

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