Ep #108: AI – A Necessity, Not a Threat with Amber Mac

My next guest on The Richard Robbins Show helps companies and audiences stay ahead of the technology curve. A worldwide speaker focused on innovation in the tech sector, Amber Mac is also a bestselling author, Co-Host of The Feed on SiriusXM, and President of her own media company, AmberMac Media, Inc., an award-winning content development agency. In addition, Amber has delivered keynotes and moderated sessions with Tony Robbins, Malcolm Gladwell, Chris Hadfield, among other notable leaders.

Considered by many to be the go-to expert on anything tech, Amber sees opportunities everywhere and encourages people to look at the AI phase that we’re in right now through the lens of opportunity. What’s the opportunity that exists right now and how do I not miss out?”

In episode 108 of The Richard Robbins Show, Amber tells us the three most important things to focus on as an entrepreneur, gives some great examples of how to implement AI into your business and lets the audience know why consistent communication with your clients is the secret to continued success regardless of advancements in AI.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • Why you must embrace AI and view it as a necessity and not a threat
  • How to properly keep up with, and navigate, the ever-changing world of AI
  • Why AI can benefit the world of entrepreneurs
  • Why implementing new technologies and automation into your business is crucial
  • Different examples of current programs you can use in your business
  • Tips and tricks to crafting better video content
  • How to get over the fear of creating videos in your business

Ideas Worth Sharing

If trust looked like a triangle, one side would be communication, one would be consistency and the third, transparency. Click To Tweet Think about the closest people in your life right now. Why do you have good relationships with them? It’s because you’re always communicating. There’s trust there. Relationships need to be centered in communication Click To Tweet You have to love the process and you have to love learning. If you don’t play the game, you can’t succeed. Click To Tweet

Resources in Today’s Episode

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