Ep #93: Happier, Healthier and Wealthier with Magnificent Relationships with Marcus and Sheila Gillette

On the 93rd episode of The Richard Robbins Show, my next interview is unlike any of the previous conversations I’ve had on this podcast. I sit down with a husband and wife super team who have the unique and incredible ability to communicate with the other side as a voice trance medium.

Over the past 25 years, Marcus and Sheila Gillette have empowered and educated thousands of people worldwide through intimate conversations with THEO, a collective of twelve archangels that Sheila can speak through.

“It’s like sticking your finger in a 220v outlet,” Sheila tells me. “It’s such a high electrical energy that travels on your nervous system. So, though it looks very  calm and peaceful there’s a lot going on in the physical body to match their vibrations so this can happen.”

The duo have written 2 books together with Sheila writing her first book in 1998 called, The 5th Dimension.

In this exciting episode of The Richard Robbins Show, listen to the incredible story of Sheila’s near-death experience that ultimately unlocked her innate ability to speak with THEO. In the 93rd episode of The Richard Robbins Show, listen to this transformative interview with Marcus and Sheila where they speak about unconditional love, relationship success and personal empowerment.

This interview is both inspiring and complex; however, the message is truly simple – everything in life is relationship based and you should live life with love.

Listen to the Full Episode:

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • What and Who is THEO
  • Spiritual transformations and finding your authentic path to enlightenment
  • How each one of us has psychic experiences
  • How to live a life that is soul-centered
  • Why daily meditation is important
  • The importance of ‘finding the funny’ in yourself

Ideas Worth Sharing

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Resources in Today’s Episode

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