Ep #92: Attention is the New Currency: The True Impact of Quality Marketing with Diana Lucaci

In the 92nd episode of The Richard Robbins Show, I sit down with a woman who uses science to determine whether your marketing materials will or won’t work. With a Neuroscience and Psychology Degree from the University of Toronto, she has used that education to study advertising effectiveness and explains why certain marketing materials are destined to work and why others inevitably fail.

Diana Lucaci is the Co-Founder and CEO of True Impact, a neuromarketing firm offering concept testing solutions to creative teams and agencies. She has helped organizations including Canada Post, Metro, Desjardins, General Motors, Costco, MillerCoors and others discover the importance of combining science and advertising.

Diana tells me that the avenue she chose to work in came naturally. “It started with a curiosity for self-knowledge and understanding – why do I do what I do? Why do people around me do what they do?”

Her educational background made the perfect combination to discover exactly why the brain reacts in certain ways to advertisements. “Neuroscience is about the brain, the connections and the wiring, and then psychology is more like the software. You look at the mind, emotions and when you connect the two together…you start to connect the dots.”

In this episode, Diana discusses creating the perfect marketing materials for your business. Diana explains how to tweak your website, direct mail marketing, door hangers and more. She explains the importance of text and image placement, why a thought-out and coordinated call-to-action is crucial and how you can up your marketing ROI by 10%.

Listen to the Full Episode:

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • How to improve your Call to Action on marketing pieces
  • Subtle changes you can make to your marketing pieces to improve them
  • Why advertisements will work differently on existing customers vs. new customers
  • Using AI to de-risk your marketing investments
  • Understanding what our brain is biased towards and how to capitalize on that biases 
  • The importance of long and short-term goals in life

Ideas Worth Sharing

”Being Click To Tweet piece, you put it out there and you cross your fingers that someone will click or will notice it. Diana Lucaci” username=”RichardLRobbins”]

The difference between half of a second and a full second in comprehension can make the difference between sticking with a piece or leaving it. Diana Lucaci Click To Tweet If we know how to take your message, refine it, polish it, and remove the mental friction, can we go from 5% to 10% ROI. Diana Lucaci Click To Tweet

Resources in Today’s Episode

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