Ep #90: Under-Promise & Over-Deliver: Building a Customer-Centric Business with Mary Roy

My next guest on The Richard Robbins Show has an aptitude for enriching the lives of everyone she meets. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of knowing her for over 20 years as an RRI Coaching Member and, more importantly, as a dear friend.

Mary Roy, the Founder and Broker/Team Lead of Mary Roy & Team, is ranked in the top 1% of Realtors in Durham and the Greater Toronto area. 

Mary has an unrivalled real estate resume spanning over 35 years and, on average over her career, helps over 100 families each year with their real estate needs. Mary has also collected top tier RE/MAX awards including Luminary of Distinction, Circle of Legends, Diamond Award, Titan Award, Hall of Fame and Lifetime Achievement.

Her passion for delivering exceptional customer service comes from her experience as a mortgage specialist while working with Royal Trust. She admits that her exposure to real estate agents wasn’t the most positive experience. “I learned that agents were bad. They didn’t explain everything to people.” 

Mary knew in her heart that the real estate industry deserved a better type of professional. “Once I made the choice to be a REALTOR®…[I knew] I was going to be someone that’s going to make a client’s life easier. In my mind, I never saw myself as a salesperson, I thought I was someone who could create a much better experience for my clients.”

In this episode of The Richard Robbins Show, we listen to the incredible story of Mary’s upbringing and what led her to real estate. Mary shares her advice for growing a people-centric business and what she does to achieve an 88% referral rate. Most importantly, we learn how to compete in the real estate industry with grace, dignity and happiness.

Listen to the Full Episode:

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • Above and beyond customer client care ideas
  • The pros and cons of having a team
  • A step-by-step process to starting in real estate
  • The importance of coaching and why it’s a necessity in business
  • Mary’s Small Giant that will change your business forever

Ideas Worth Sharing

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