Ep #89: Discipline Equals Freedom: Living Like an Olympian with Bill Meyer

My next guest on The Richard Robbins Show represented Canada at the 1984 Olympics and now leads his own real estate team inside the country’s capital in Ottawa, Ontario.

Bill Meyer, a 35-year veteran in the Ottawa real estate market, is the Team Lead of The Tulip Team, one of RE/MAX’s top-performing teams in Canada.

After the 84’ Olympics, Bill knew he had to provide for his wife and young child. He jokes that it was the barrier of entry to real estate that really helped push him into the industry. “Go to Algonquin College for 6 weeks, get your real estate license and we’ll hire you.”

Today, and nearly 40 years later, he helps his team of 12 agents and 5 support staff service the Ottawa, Ontario area with real estate buying and selling. Bill tells me that his number one priority is helping others achieve success. “What can I do to help you be successful in real estate? Most people, when they get into this business, don’t know how to build a solid foundation for their business and my job is to do exactly that.”

As a former Olympic athlete, Bill brings with him the discipline, dedication and desire of an Olympian to his real estate business, and is able to apply that experience to the training and mentoring that he provides to his team.

In this episode of The Richard Robbins Show, Bill shares his secrets for going for gold in every aspect of your life. He shares stories of training for the Olympics and how you can bring that same energy into your business and personal life. He explains how to eliminate attrition from your business, how to build commodore among your peers and how he plans to live until he is the ripe old age of 111.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • How to train like an Olympian in your own life
  • The importance of creating a positive work environment where people can thrive
  • How to recruit and maintain a real estate team while eliminating attrition
  • Why having a ‘scarcity mentality’ will limit you and your team
  • Why your team should create and uphold Company Value Propositions
  • What you should expect from new team members
  • Why hard work is more important than talent

Ideas Worth Sharing

”There Click To Tweet Bill Meyer” username=”RichardLRobbins”]

I’m not operating from a scarcity mentality that if I teach them too much they’re just going to leave. No, rather, if I teach them so much they’ll want to stay. Bill Meyer Click To Tweet

”When Click To Tweet, that will be my third quarter and that is the most important part of any game in my life. Bill Meyer” username=”RichardLRobbins”]

Resources in Today’s Episode

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