Ep #85: Disruption, Tech and the Future of Real Estate with RE/MAX CEO Nick Bailey

On the 85th episode of The Richard Robbins Show, I sit down with a man who has truly seen every level of the real estate industry ladder. From Sales Representative to now President and CEO of RE/MAX, LLC, this guest has genuinely impacted our business.

Nicky Bailey began selling real estate part-time in 1996 at the fresh age of 21. Interestingly enough, his real estate journey begins prior to this, incredibly, at age 17.

At 17 years old as a junior in high school, he got the opportunity to purchase two retail commercial properties in the community where he lived. “I didn’t know what I was stepping into [but] it was very cool. When I graduated from high school, I decided to buy a house two blocks from the college and rent out two bedrooms to pay for it.” 

After doing a million dollars in volume in his first year as a part-time real estate professional (while going to school and running his business), Nick was convinced real estate was his future.

After a successful 12-year career within RE/MAX, LLC Regional Services, rising to the executive level, he went on to become Sr. Vice President at Market Leader, a Vice President at Trulia/Zillow and, just prior to rejoining RE/MAX, the President and CEO of Century 21.

On the 85th episode of The Richard Robbins Show, Nick and I talk about real estate disruptors, iBuyers and the future of the real estate industry. Nick reminds listeners of the importance of sticking to the core fundamentals of real estate, he offers a glimpse of what to anticipate in 2023 and why he thinks there is truly room for optimism for the new year ahead.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • The disruption of real estate and the future of this industry
  • Why iBuyers are not the threat you may think it is
  • The future of real estate with AI and how to take advantage of it
  • Why trusted advisors are necessary for this industry
  • Why tech won’t replace an agent, but agents who do not adopt tech will be replaced

Ideas Worth Sharing

The reality is, the trusted advisor will always be. I don’t believe tech will replace an agent, but I think that an agent that doesn’t use tech will get replaced. Nick Bailey @richardlrobbins Click To Tweet I don’t think agents want more leads, I think they want more transaction-ready consumers. Nick Bailey @richardlrobbins Click To Tweet I don’t believe that any company is a disruptor. I believe that the disruptor is the consumer. It’s the buyers and sellers that demand a different experience that creates someone to say - I think I can help a consumer this way.… Click To Tweet

Resources in Today’s Episode

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