Ep #84: Becoming World-Class: More Time Off for Better Time On with Dr. Greg Wells

On the 84th episode of The Richard Robbins Show, I sit down with a man who has dedicated his life to working with some of the highest-performing individuals on the planet. His clients include Olympic and World champions, and organizations ranging from General Electric to Deloitte, KPMG, BMW, Audi, and the Royal Bank of Canada.

Author of 4 best-selling books, CEO and Founder of Wells Performance, Dr. Greg Wells, has made health and peak performance his personal and professional obsession. 

Dr. Wells has a Ph.D. in Physiology and serves as a Senior Scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. As a scientist and physiologist, he is focused on making the science of human limits understandable and actionable.

Though he has worked with Olympic athletes, Dr. Wells tells me that he wants to use his experience to help the general public live happier and healthier lives. “What I’m fascinated about at this stage in my life, is learning from those extremes. Learning from sports, learning from medicine to inform all of us mere mortals…I’m now trying to pull in all this information to help everybody that I can and have a bigger impact at this stage.”

Dr. Wells tells me that understanding the thresholds between peak performance and exhaustion is a fine line. 

“How much can we stress them and yet still get them to positively adapt to get stronger? We know that if you get too stressed, you get sick. Create the stress, mentally and physically and then withdraw the stress, allow for recovery to happen, and do that over and over and over again.”

In this transformative episode of The Richard Robbins Show, Dr. Greg Wells and myself sit down to chat about the importance of proper rest. Dr. Wells shares secrets to optimizing human performance, provides hacks for recharging your mind and body and lends his knowledge to listeners to help create a better version of themselves.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • Why slowing down to speed up is essential for longevity and health
  • Why focusing on micro wins will help you succeed long term
  • The importance of Review and Reflection Time 
  • Dr. Greg Wells’ ‘1, 2, 3 Rule’
  • Fear Setting: What is it and why you must consider it
  • The Karmic Business Model
  • What makes you world-class?
  • How to train like an Olympian and how anyone can do itHacks on how to rest, refocus and recharge

Ideas Worth Sharing

”It’s Click To Tweet day off. It’s alternating incredible high-quality work with deep recovery and regeneration. Dr. Wells @richardlrobbins” username=”RichardLRobbins”]

Health-focused training rather than volume-focused training. This is exactly what we need to adopt in business in order for us to be able to perform at a high level consistently for a long period of time and get healthy at the same… Click To Tweet In an era of uncertainty, fear, negativity, polarization and echo chambers - positivity, encouragement, celebration, empathy and copathy is like a mini-revolution which is one that I want to lead. Dr. Wells @richardlrobbins Click To Tweet

Resources in Today’s Episode

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