Ep #80: Eliminating Pain Points and Commanding Your Calendar with Sean McCann

On the 80th episode of The Richard Robbins Show, I sit down with a man who, for close to 20 years has prided himself on providing consistent, award-winning results to his clients in the Ottawa, Ontario region. His 80+ transactions a year alongside his nearly 100% listing presentation acquisition rate has created a business that is freeing, consistent and customer-centric.

Sean McCann, aka The Guy with the Dog, was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. In 2002 he began his real estate business and now 20 years later, or 80+ dog years later, Sean has created a predictable business that has freed up his time in monumental ways. 

“I’m having trouble finding work to do in a way,” Sean tells me. 

“We essentially have a customer service team, an admin team and a service team. It’s really freed me up in crazy ways and allowed me to do all of the sales activity that we’re doing.”

Sean has created a small but powerful team that focuses on every portion of the customer journey. His focus was to tackle any pain points before they happened. “I wanted someone who could fill the gap between the administrative and back scene stuff and all that fluff that we do as realtors that are really $15 – $20-hour jobs.”

Sean admits that over a couple of decades in the industry, it’s essential to focus on the basics, “At 20 years you can lose touch with some of that warmth. It seems like all those soft things that really make a difference and impact your client’s experience, fall to the wayside. But they don’t if that is someone’s full-time job, though.”

In this episode of The Richard Robbins Show, Sean and I talk about the importance of bringing on additional help to free yourself up. Sean talks about his incredible Verified Listing concept, he speaks about why keeping and sticking to your calendar is crucial for your success and he talks about why it’s important to give yourself an identity in business and how it can be more profitable than being a generalist.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • Why you should consider bringing on a Client Experience person rather than a Buyers Agent
  • Why branding yourself is a powerful marketing tool
  • How the real estate industry works backwards and how to switch things around for the better
  • Why you should focus on your customer’s pain points and fix them preemptively
  • Sean’s incredibly Verified Listing Package strategy
  • How to use KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to increase your business
  • The importance of making and following a strict schedule
  • The problem of a ‘server’s heart’ and how it can negatively impact your life and business

Ideas Worth Sharing

We just touch and acknowledge clients throughout their journey and try to anticipate everything that’s going to come to their mind. It’s just wrapping a warm hug around every touch point a client experiences. Sean McCann… Click To Tweet Find the way to have the courage to portion your schedule. Everyone will move their calendar around yours the minute you have one. Sean McCann @richardlrobbins Click To Tweet It’s about creating a value proposition in a client's mind. If there’s no value or distinction, it’s a race to the bottom on price. It’s a lot of commission conversation because the consumer can’t distinguish anything different… Click To Tweet

Resources in Today’s Episode

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