Ep #75: Whatever It Took: From Humble Beginnings with Head of RRI Coaching, Dana Richard

On the 75th episode of The Richard Robbins Show, I sat down with a man who helped grow RRI to what it is today. Without his support, talents and friendship, I may not have a story to share.

Dana Richard, my longtime friend, business partner and Head of RRI Coaching, is a sounding board for many of the ideas that get developed at RRI. He’s the level-headed, intelligent and quick-acting individual that led to many of our successes.

Our story together began nearly 37 years ago in Peterborough, Ontario where I inspired him to become a real estate professional. He joined the same Century 21 office where I started my career and we became fast friends.

“I tried to always be on that leaderboard with Richard Robbins,” Dana recalls. “Rich was always number 1 in the office. I even bought a house myself just so that I could get enough deals to be on that board. Whatever it took was our motto.”

That’s when a game of rock, paper, scissors changed our lives forever.

We both knew we wanted more for ourselves and decided that a simple game would determine whether or not we moved from our childhood homes to a new city to build something great.

Dana remembers it clear as day. “Ten days later we were in Markham selling real estate. We both talk about things, we make a decision, and no matter what we would support each other in that decision 100%. I call it being a franchise player.”

Nearly 30 years later, Dana and I find ourselves still working side-by-side. He’s done over
20,000 coaching sessions with RRI and with no plans to retire, will continue to grow that

“I wake up every day and it’s like Christmas for me. I just love every minute of it.”

I believe that nobody is self-made. We all stand on the shoulders of giants to get to where we need to be. Dana has always been that giant to me. Nobody makes a larger contribution to our membership or to our company than Dana.

In this special episode of The Richard Robbins Show, you’ll hear stories from our humble beginnings to how we ended up here. Dana will share profound insights about life, learning, starting a business and so much more.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • The importance of finding your purpose
  • A unique buyer qualification strategy
  • Why you can’t teach a value system
  • Dana’s ‘We Learn’ life philosophy
  • What makes the perfect coaching client?
  • Why taking responsibility is critical in life

Ideas Worth Sharing

What can you learn from whatever you're doing? Don’t think of it as a waste of time - think of it as a learning experience and you will totally immerse yourself in whatever it is you’re doing. Dana Richard @richardlrobbins Click To Tweet You want to look for ways to better yourself. Don’t rely on external items to make you successful, think of what can I do to be a better person. Dana Richard @richardlrobbins Click To Tweet You cant train a value into somebody. They have to have the right value system. You can always train someone to do something but you can’t train the value system. It’s like a personality. Hire the right people, with the right… Click To Tweet

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