Ep #73: Building a Family Empire with The Rocca Sisters

On the 73rd episode of The Richard Robbins Show, I sit down with longtime friends and clients, Cathy and Tanya Rocca. Together, the Rocca Sisters have built a real estate empire achieving milestones such as Royal LePage Chairman’s Club, consistently ranking in the top 10 for all Royal LePage Canada and ranking in the top 1% nationally.

Sisters by blood, business partners by choice, Cathy and Tanya are a duo that have complimented each other since they began their real estate business 16 years ago. “We were just looking to have fun. We love to service, we love to help people, we love the creative flair with staging. We just wanted to have fun.”

Learning from their father who had worked in the real estate industry, Cathy and Tanya almost instinctively knew how to fuel their growing business: The Lifetime Referral System. 

They tell me that their LRS is the reason for their success today, “We weren’t just looking for sellers. We were looking for relationships and contacts.” Cathy continues, “Agents want to tell, tell tell, and they want to talk, talk, talk. But clients want to be heard and it doesn’t matter if they’re on a timeline of 2 months to 5 years, they’re all relationships and they all have a place in your journey. There is a journey for all of them.”

In this episode of The Richard Robbins Show, Cathy, Tanya and I talk about how they have been able to grow, both professionally and personally, while keeping their relationship as strong as ever. We discuss the importance of building a team at the right time, we talk about how to fuel your database and LRS and we chat about how to prioritize relationships over transactions to ensure a long-lasting business in this industry.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • How to thrive while working with family and friends.
  • Why and when to start building a team.
  • The pros and cons of building a team.
  • How to generate leads when first starting your own business.
  • The importance of community work.
  • The Rocca Sisters 3 pillars of marketing and branding.
  • Why your LRS (Lifetime Referral System) is crucial to your success.
  • Why tracking marketing spending and strategies need to be constant.
  • Community event ideas.

Ideas Worth Sharing

I think everyone has a story and you must remember their story. Once you remember their story then you’ve touched them in some way so that they’ll always remember you. @TheRoccaSisters @richardlrobbins Click To Tweet The most important thing for Tanya and I was always serving the clients. At the end of the day, it’s always about the clients. When we felt that we were stretching ourselves, we had to add another layer to it. @TheRoccaSisters… Click To Tweet We weren’t just looking for sellers. We were looking for relationships and contacts. @TheRoccaSisters @richardlrobbins Click To Tweet

Resources in Today’s Episode

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