Ep #72: The Battle Between Risk & Reward: Taking Life-Changing Steps with Michael Tudorie

Each morning, I wake up and complete a gratitude journal. For 30 consecutive days, I write down 3 things that I’m grateful for without repeating a single entry. By the 30th day, I’m writing down that I’m thankful for slippers, air conditioning and a working coffee maker.

The point of the exercise is to remind myself that I have much to be grateful for and in this next interview, I am reminded even more that I have lived a good life.

In the 72nd episode of The Richard Robbins Show, I sit down with Michael Tudorie, a longtime Coaching Member with an unforgettable story. He grew up in the Socialist Republic of Romania in the 1970s. At the time, Romania was aligned with other socialist states within the Eastern Bloc.

“My father was thrown into jail for being outspoken about the reign. For me, I didn’t want to have the same life, I wanted to have a better life than that…[so] I decided to leave the country.”

With the help of a friend he met in his mandatory military service, he fled Romania in 1989. He travelled on trucks, boats, sometimes in the back of shipping containers, for weeks to finally end up in Sweden.

With $40 in his pocket, he travelled to North America, living in Halifax before ending up where he is today in Kitsilano, British Columbia.

In this episode of The Richard Robbins Show, Michael and I talk about his brave decision to leave his friends and family for the unknown. Michael describes his journey and the obstacles that he faced and overcame, we chat about the power of grit and perseverance and Michael reminds us all about how much we truly have to be grateful for.


Listen to the Full Episode:

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • The importance of taking risks.
  • Why consistency is critically important to your business success.
  • The power of perseverance and grit.

Ideas Worth Sharing

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