Ep #7: Marketing Secrets from a Team Leader Currently Doing 650 Transactions/Year with Peggy Hill

Effective and efficient marketing is the key to growing a brand and generating buzz. My next guest knows the importance of marketing and attributes her massive success to her ability to execute on marketing tactics that gets results. Peggy Hill, founder of The Peggy Hill Team, reached 650 transactions in 2018 and is showing no signs of slowing down.

It all came down to one idea that changed Peggy’s life forever. As a new agent, she knew that without inventory, she had no business, so Peggy offered to market other agents listings for free. She said, “You need product – and the product is a listing. If I didn’t have a product, I had an issue, but if people were willing to give me their products, I had no problem marketing them.”

This strategy helped turn Peggy into the multi-million dollar agent and team leader she is today.

Born in Greece, Peggy and her family made the harrowing journey across the North Atlantic Ocean to Nova Scotia. She followed her parents into the restaurant business, but after more than two decades as a restaurateur, Peggy set her sights on real estate.

In Episode 7 of The Richard Robbins Show, Peggy and I talk about how to successfully use online lead generation, the importance of building a team and strategic growth, and how she went from flipping burgers at her family’s restaurant to becoming an industry titan. Enjoy this amazing talk with the even more impressive, Peggy Hill.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • Ideas and best practices for new real estate professionals.
  • When is it time to grow your team?
  • How to most effectively use your marketing budget.
  • How do you attract buyers and sellers in the real estate industry?
  • The benefit of open houses.
  • How proper and strategic delegating is the key to growth.
  • How to effectively use internet leads in your business model.
  • The evolution of converting online leads.
  • The advantages of a team versus a single agent.
  • Why constant training is key in today’s changing market.
  • Why ensuring relationships are a top priority in your business model.

Ideas Worth Sharing

I am a true believer in bringing value to people. The only value I can bring them is what I know. If I stop learning, I’ve got nothing to give them. - @PegHillRealtor Click To Tweet Everything is a production. A lot of real estate is a show and that’s what people want, they pay for the show. - @PegHillRealtor Click To Tweet You’re either in or you’re out, you can’t half-ass anything in this lifetime. @PegHillRealtor Click To Tweet If you’re not getting to all your messages, it’s time to add a person. The worst thing that you can do is have the consumer think you’re too busy for them. - @PegHillRealtor Click To Tweet

Resources in Today’s Episode

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