Ep #67: Creating a Zero Friction Business: The Value of Excellent Customer Experience with Chris Slightham

My next guest on The Richard Robbins Show has built an incredibly successful real estate brokerage within the Greater Toronto Area, boasting a team of over 1400 real estate professionals, and turning his business into a full-service brokerage for his agents.

Chris Slightham, broker/owner of Royal LePage Signature, took over the family business in the late 90’s and grew the brokerage of 95 agents into one of the GTA’s most powerful and desirable real estate businesses.

“Our REALTORS® are our clients; How can we provide resources that are going to make their life easier? We’ve got a lot of exciting things to work on and improve but that is what our focus is: What can we do to make your life easier?”

Being exposed to hundreds of agents on a daily basis, Chris has become familiar with what makes an agent highly effective and successful in this industry. His observations: Connectivity, Value Proposition and Market Knowledge is crucial to your ongoing success.

In this episode of The Richard Robbins Show, Chris and I talk about what it takes to be a highly successful agent in today’s real estate industry. Chris goes into detail about what successful agents do to stand out, he shares why understanding your market data is crucial and even provides some insight into Canada’s hot market in 2022.


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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • The top 3 things successful real estate agents do in their business.
  • Why understanding the market on a statistical scale is crucial to providing insight to your
  • How to change the conversation you have with buyers and sellers.
  • Chris’ opinion and prediction to the Canadian real estate market in 2022.
  • Why providing value to your agents can prevent attrition and grow your business.
  • How to separate yourself from the competition.
  • Why a strong value proposition is crucial for your business’s future success.
  • The compounding effect of doing good, quality work.
  • How to leverage technology to creatively and impactfully connect with clients.

Ideas Worth Sharing

Today’s consumers want zero friction. What type of frictionless experience can I deliver for the seller based on what their needs are? @Royal_LePage @richardlrobbins Click To Tweet The second the clients feel they know more than you, your value drops down. @Royal_LePage @richardlrobbins Click To Tweet We want REALTORS® to build a business of their own and be proud of building a business of their own, but not have to do it on their own. They have this institutional strength behind them. @Royal_LePage @richardlrobbins Click To Tweet

Resources in Today’s Episode

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