Ep #4: Rejection Breeds Resiliency (A Superior Skill Set that can Change Your Life) with Tracy Best

When I first started in real estate, I was handed a phone book and was told, “go”. We called it ‘dialing for dollars’ and I quickly learned that cold calling was an art form. My next guest is a true master in that field and has taken her skills to the top of one of the Big Five Banks in Canada.

Today, I share my studio with CIBC’s Senior Vice President of Mobile Advice, Tracy Best, to discuss her journey from being laid off to being responsible for over 1500 mobile mortgage advisors and investment consultants. Tracy’s journey spans across different countries, a variety of jobs, and shows us that diligence can take you anywhere you want to go. Her career path was asymmetrical and Tracy believes that you need to “look for opportunities to build a skillset, don’t look for opportunities to build your title or career.”

I’m excited to share Tracy’s advice as well as her story on this episode of The Richard Robbins Show.

Listen to the Full Episode:

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • How Tracy went from being laid off to being responsible for CIBC’s Mobile Channel.
  • Why the phone is an effective way to develop a relationship and set an appointment.
  • How career changes helped Tracy pick up different skill sets and find her passion.
  • Why phone skills are so important.
  • How Richard made 100,000 contacts in 5 years.
  • Why Tracy believes her genius is simplification.
  • Why implementing systems and operating models will change your business – transforming a people-dependent business to a system-dependent one.
  • Why is it important for real estate professionals to have mortgage advisors and investment consultants?
  • What is a Financial Health Check and how can it improve your business?
  • 12 month prediction – what can we expect?

Ideas Worth Sharing

When it comes to rejection, remember “No” is not about you. - Tracy Best @CIBC Click To Tweet Don’t take the easy way out, do what is right. Do the real work. - @Richardlrobbins Click To Tweet A lot of people get nervous about their potential versus getting encouraged about their potential. - Tracy Best @CIBC Click To Tweet Look for opportunities to build a skillset, don’t look for opportunities to build your title or career. - Tracy Best @CIBC Click To Tweet

Resources in Today’s Episode

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