Ep #2: Get Excited About New Ideas – Get Calm About Problems with Phil Soper

The cool thing about the real estate industry is that you could get in with a little education and make a 6-7 figure income. By being smart about how you learn, grow, and leverage your skills, you can go further than ever. Today Phil Soper, president and CEO of Royal LePage, joins me on the show to share his valuable expertise and veteran advice from many years in sales and the real estate industry.

Listen in to hear him talk about the importance of knowing what you’re good at, as well as leveraging others when necessary. You’ll get Phil’s insight on why he doesn’t believe technology will replace agents, but rather how it will enhance the services that agents offer.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Phil’s career journey and how he got started in business and sales.
  • The big risk he took in the 90s and why it paid off so well.
  • What his genius is and how he has focused in on the right areas.
  • The importance of not taking on everything by yourself.
  • The rapid changes going on and the importance of continuous learning.
  • Understanding the “disruptive” technologies and knowing how to move forward.
  • Why the development of new technologies is going to help more than hurt.
  • The power of an above and beyond experience.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

I’m a fairly structured problem solver. I like to break things down and think about it in a systematic way, and I find even people-related problems can be addressed in that way. - @PhilSoper Click To Tweet Get excited about new ideas; get calm about problems. -@PhilSoper Click To Tweet This industry is changing so rapidly—probably more now than ever—and it’s always been this way. Continuous learning is absolutely critical. -@PhilSoper Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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