Embrace The Challenge

?Don?t wish things were easier, wish you were better.?

– Jim Rohn


It?s estimated that 100 million people will watch the Super Bowl this Sunday in Dallas. Of those, the most devoted will fork over thousands of dollars for a ticket to watch the game live. After just 60 minutes of football, the game will be over and the players on one team will experience one of the greatest moments of their lives.

Why will the feeling of winning be so exhilarating? Because that which we work hardest for we appreciate the most.

The Value of Challenge

Challenge is an essential part of accomplishment. You can?t have one without the other.

Imagine the Super Bowl quarterback scanning the field looking for a receiver. He locks in on the target 35 yards away, draws back his throwing arm and throws a perfect spiral downfield.

The receiver reaches out both hands and catches the ball, pulls it in tightly up against his body and begins the run towards the end zone. He crosses the goal line and spikes the ball into the ground in celebration.

It?s a classic moment of triumph.

But what if he turns to look back and realizes that there were no opponents on the field?

No one trying to sack the quarterback. No defenders trying to intercept the pass. No players trying to take down the receiver in his run downfield. How exciting is the touchdown now? How sweet is the victory?

How many people would watch a Super Bowl if there were no defenders?

The Price of Easy

We often wish life were easier. We?d like fewer problems to solve and fewer challenges to overcome. But there?s a price that we pay for easy: life becomes boring.

The last time I checked the only people that didn?t have problems and challenges were dead. It?s the problems and challenges that stimulate us, teach us, strengthen us and contain the juice of life.

The most successful people in the world didn?t have easier lives. They?re just better problem solvers. They don?t always get it right, and they don?t they always win. But they do understand one thing: that which they work hardest for, they appreciate the most.

And they don?t wish things were easier. They choose to become better instead.

What challenge are you ready to rise to? Let us know in the comments.