The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Video in Your Real Estate Business

More video content is uploaded to the internet in 1 single month than TV has produced in 3 decades.1  It’s estimated that a third of all online activity is spent watching video.2  This is a market we all need to tap into.

Still, there are many sales professionals who either aren’t utilizing video at all or could perhaps use a few tips on how to improve the videos they’re already making.  First let’s overcome the reasons (excuses) why some people just DON’T do video.

3 Reasons (Excuses) Why Some People DON’T Do Video

Excuse #1:  “I don’t have the right equipment.”

Solution: You have a recording device in your pocket right now.  No one expects your videos to be perfect.  There are BILLIONS of videos online that are filmed on a phone.  This is the new norm.

Excuse #2:  “I don’t know what to say.”

Solution: Write a list of 10 questions your buyers and/or sellers ask all the time.  Now you have 10 video topics.  Done.

Excuse #3:  “I don’t like the way I look on camera.”

Solution: Trust me, no one likes how they look on camera, but what we look like on camera is what we look like in real life.  It’s time to get over it, take the plunge and start filming.  In Nike terms, Just Do It!

Now that that’s out of the way, here are…

5 Simple DO’s that will have a big impact on the quality of your videos.

1) Set your phone on airplane mode.
 You’re a REALTOR®, your phone never stops.  To avoid interruption and distraction when shooting, put your phone on airplane mode!

2) Be yourself (everyone else is taken).
People won’t remember what you said as much as they will remember how you made them feel.  If you’re putting on an act or a show, your viewers will notice.  Relax and be real.  Have fun with it (and don’t forget to SMILE!).

3)  Hold your phone horizontally.

If you’re using video for email, Instagram, YouTube or posting it on your website, please hold your phone horizontally.  It will look so much better.

NOTE: The exception to this is with Facebook. Facebook now allows vertical video and their stats show that users are actually viewing vertical videos longer.

4) Hold the phone at eye level and look into the lens, not at yourself.

Think of video as trying to mimic a conversation; pretend you’re speaking to one person and you will sound and look much more authentic.

5) Test it out first.

Get your confidence up by filming some test videos. No one ever gets it perfect the first time.

Okay, excuses out of the way, you have the basic do’s – I now challenge you to record one video every day for a week and see how easy it gets.  Let me know how you do, I’ll be right here.

Until next time, make it count.