Want to rank higher on Google?  Thinking of shelling out some serious cash to an “SEO expert”?  Before you do, try these 9 DIY SEO tactics that will help you get seen online without spending a dime.


  1. Optimize your site
    If you take the following actions, more people will be coming to your website.  So, before you move forward, you should ensure your website is user friendly.  For more information, see our previous post: 5 DIY Tips to Jazz Up Your Website.
  2. Update stock web copy
    If you’re using a template site, as most agents are, the #1 thing you can do to organically increase your SEO is to change the generic content on your site to unique content written by you.
  3. Include keywords
    What keywords are you hoping to rank on Google for? “Oakridge realtor”? “Homes for sale in Orlando”?  Pick one or two per page on your site and write content for your page that contains those words.  Be careful not to dump words in unnecessarily; keep it user friendly and extremely valuable to your target audience or you will be penalized by Google’s algorithm.
  4. Google Business Page
    Unsurprisingly, Google likes Google.  If you don’t already have one, sign up for a Google-verified business page and be sure to link your URL to your business page.  Once it’s up and running, start asking past clients for reviews.
  5. Add URL to social media and email signatures
    Don’t miss this simple but crucial opportunity.  Make it easy for people to find your site, even if they don’t do an online search.
  6. Embed content to site when possible
    Never link to a YouTube page, Mailchimp page or external virtual tour if you could link to your site instead.  Take the extra step to embed content to your site and then share it.  A large part of increasing your SEO is about building external links to your site.
  7. Add unique content to your site regularly
    Use Google Analytics to track which posts are most popular and work to create more content like that.
  8. Offer to guest post
    Write a blog for a real estate publication or professional in your area.  Not only will it allow you to get in front of a new audience, but adding your URL to a credible site will help you build links and ultimately increase your SEO.
  9. Add meta descriptions
    Here’s where we get a little “techy.”  A meta description is the description of what your page is about, which is shown in the Google search results as a preview of your page.  If you’re running your website through WordPress, download a plugin called Yoast SEO which will easily walk you through the steps of adding meta descriptions.  If this all seems complicated and over your head, talk to your web developer or real estate web hosting service provider.


After taking these steps, if you’re still not seeing your intended results, then it may be time to hire someone.  But having a good understanding of what the basic steps are will help ensure you don’t get taken advantage of by one of many SEO scam artists out there.

So keep listing and advertising properties, creating compelling videos and writing valuable blog posts, and you’re already well on your way to being a highly searchable superstar.


It’s a beautiful life, make it count!