The 5 Apps All Top Producers Use

I’m sure you would agree that your smartphone can at times be a major distraction to your personal and business life. However, the positive effects it can have on your life can outweigh the negatives.

There are over two million apps available for Andriod and iOS, and with all those options it can be overwhelming to figure out which ones you should be using. Here are the five apps we’ve seen our top producers using consistently:

1) Slack – Free

SlackSlack makes communication and transaction management within your team a breeze by allowing users to communicate in customized “channels.” Because it is so easy to organize and search for past conversations and shared documents, using Slack helps keep everyone on your team up to date and makes sure nothing falls through the cracks.

2) Docusign – Free trial available, plans start at $20/month

Docusign allows you to spend more time on business generating activities and less time driving around getDocusignting signatures. It’s easy to use for both you and your clients, even those who are less tech savvy. You might already be using the web version of Docusign, but the mobile app is a must have for all agents. With all of the technology now available at your fingertips, your clients expect an even quicker response rate. Saying, “I just need to get back to the office to send this” is no longer going to be a valid excuse. With the Docusign app you can send documents for a signature right from your phone.

3) Things – iPhone $13.99, iPad $27.99, Mac $69.99

ThingsUnlike the other apps on this list, Things is only available for Apple products. But if you’re an Apple user looking for a great to do list app, Things is one of the best. Things can sync between your MacBook, iPad and iPhone. It’s not particularly customizable, but if you’re looking for something simple and clutter free that you’ll actually use, Things works amazingly well. As a bonus tip, make sure to enable iOS reminders to work with Things in your iPhone’s settings. That way when you ask Siri to “Remind me to…” she will automatically add the reminder to your Things Inbox.

4) Facebook Messenger – Free

There are a few reasons why this particular app is a powerful tool for your business. First, it’s a great communication tool for keeping up with your sphere of influence, in particular those in a younger demographic who use Facebook as a primary means of communication.FBMess

Second, Facebook ads recently added a Facebook messenger component. When enabled on your Facebook ad, users who view your ads can contact you right away via Facebook messenger by clicking a link on the ad. This allows you to contact and nurture leads immediately instead of taking users away to a landing page where you may or may not obtain their information.

5) Headspace – Free app with free basic plan, additional plans can be purchased starting at $7.99/month

There are numerous benefits to a regular meditation practice such as an increase in focus levels and decrease of stress and anxiety. While meditation can improve your health and mindset tremendously, finding the time to meditate and knowing how to do it can be a challenge. That’s where Headspace comes in. Headspace Headspaceis like a personal trainer for your mind. I have been using this app personally for a while now, and although I am still no meditation master, I very much enjoy using this app as part of my morning routine.

What apps are you using for your business? Do you have any tips or tricks for using any of these apps? Leave a comment below and be sure to subscribe to our blog for more tech, business and life mastery tips.