An Unforgettable Customer Service Experience

“A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large.”

-Henry Ford



My bubble of excitement burst late one evening as I packed for a long weekend in Florida. I was anxious to thaw out from the frigid cold weather we?d been experiencing in the north.

I unzipped my golf club travel bag, though, to find that the head was broken off my driver. My flight was leaving the next afternoon, and as with most men, the driver is my favourite club. (It must be a testosterone thing.)

The next morning I headed straight to Golf Town to ask if there was anyway they could repair the club in the next few hours.

Bad news: it had to be shipped back to the manufacturer. And I?d have to pay for the repair.

But the good news was next. They could give me a demo model of the same driver to use on my holiday. Music to my ears! I headed out of the store with a new driver in hand, and a newfound spring in my step.

But the good news didn?t end there. About a week after I returned from my trip I got a call from my new friend at Golf Town to tell me that Cobra Golf found a hairline crack in the head of my driver and replaced it with a new one. Same make and model?at no charge!

The Opportunity in Every Problem

Every customer problem is a massive opportunity for any business. Sadly, few businesses take full advantage of those moments when they come along.

Golf Town and Cobra haven?t just turned me into a customer for life. They?ve created a new positive voice that can make a difference in their business. And today everyone has a voice. With technology like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and more, everyone has a platform, too – they can use that voice.

Our job as a business, service or sales professional is to get that voice working in our favour. To deliver such amazing value that people will use their voice to reach thousands. Just like I am right now.

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