5 Ways to Stay Productive in Real Estate During COVID-19

The world is in crisis mode and while no one is entirely sure how long it will last or what the lasting impact will be, we are still in control of what we do today.

So, what does that mean for real estate professionals and your business activities now?

Should you hit “pause” on marketing efforts like online ads and stop all outgoing communications to your current and potential clients?

The answer is, “Absolutely not.”

Real estate agents were deemed an essential service with good reason. People still have to buy and sell real estate and you need to be there for them.
Although this may not the ideal time to actively prospect for new business, now is the ideal time to build relationship equity by helping those who want or need to buy and sell and staying focused on delivering relevant content or information to your database.

Here are 5 ways you can stay productive in these uncertain times.

Action 1

Be Part of the Solution, Not the Problem.

  • Lead by example; Stay safe, stay home (whenever possible).
  • Encourage others to follow the local and federal guidelines to help stop the spread of this virus. This must be our #1 priority.
  • Safely assist those who need your help.
  • Create a Facebook Group for your community to share experiences, find those in need and offer your help to deliver supplies, food, masks.
  • Support your local businesses – buy gift cards and share them with healthcare workers and those in quarantine who can’t get to a grocery store.

Action 2

Connect and deepen your relationship with your database.

  • Reach out by phone or video “live” and connect with your clients.
  • Listen to their stories, their fears, their struggles, their successes and be the sounding board they need right now.
  • Ask them how they are doing and if they need anything? A mask, supplies, a great Netflix series, a home exercise plan, a lesson on how to connect with their loved ones they can’t see. Be there for them both personally and professionally.
  • Ask if they have concerns or questions about the real estate market and if they do, share your market knowledge and let them know you will help keep them informed.
  • HOT TIP: Confirm the best way to connect with them, their contact details and update your database!

  • If you can’t reach them by phone, send an email or better yet, a video email.
  • Include a Calendar Link to book a call with you (Use Calendly – an auto scheduler app) so there’s no back and forth (Thank you Keith Roy for this great idea).
Action 3

Produce Relevant, Timely Content for Your Community.

  • First, be sensitive and empathetic to the situation today when creating content.
  • Images with crowds of people (other than Zoom screen shots) may seem out of place as most of the world is cut off from human contact during quarantines.
  • Content can be posted on your website, on your social media channels and distributed by email.
  • Repurpose everything for all modes of communication.

Business Content Ideas:

  • Weekly Real Estate Market Updates
  • Virtual CMA’s
  • Virtual Tours of Listings
  • Your COVID Safety Plan for Real Estate
  • Links to Resources – COVID Relief Plans, Government Updates
  • Up-to-date school, transit and park closures/status
  • Mortgage deferral/relief programs

On a lighter note, more content ideas:

  • Local grocery store hours (many have changed their hours)
  • Local restaurants offering take out/delivery
  • Local fitness trainers offering virtual personal training
  • Ideas on how to stay connected during quarantine (social/online apps)
  • Ideas that show your gratitude to our frontline workers
  • A video on how to set up a Zoom Account or use the House Party App
  • Fun ideas to keep kids busy and happy
Action 4

Master the Digital Side of Your Business.

Tend to Your Database

  • If you’re like most entrepreneurs, your database is likely in dire need of a purge and re-organization.
  • And, if you don’t have a database – now is the time to get one started!
    (IxactContact is offering 90 Days Free to RRI Members)
  • Curate, cull and organize all of your database contacts:
    • Create a process for entering all new contacts – getting specific as to how each field is to be filled out and which group they belong in.
    • Categorized groups could include – Leads, Past Clients, Agents, Active Buyers, Active Sellers, Active-Both, Business Alliances, Personal, etc.

Update Your Website and Collateral

  • Take a good look at your website – the messaging, the tone, the service offerings, make sure it’s current and relevant.
  • Make sure your website has several “Calls to Action” for people to sign up to receive information from you relevant to the market, community.
  • Update your buyer and seller value proposition to reflect the needs of today’s consumer/homeowner – thinking now and six months from now.
  • Review your buyer and seller presentation/service offerings to ensure that these contain a virtual service component and your COVID safety plan.
  • Ensure your presentations are in digital format and can be presented online.
  • Ensure your buyer and seller guides or one sheets are emailable and that the content is sensitive to today’s circumstances.

Master Your Video and Virtual Skills

  • You can no longer avoid or dabble in video – you simply must take the leap and go all in to master this mode of communication.
  • Research the top video app/programs – BombBomb, Loom, your phone – then pick one to master and make a commitment.
  • Take an online class on how to shoot video properly from your phone or camera – learn proper lighting, backdrops, positioning, exporting, uploading.
  • Learn from the best in your industry like Darryl Watty, Mark Arnstein and Melanie Galea (Content Tutorial | Virtual Tour Tutorial | Live Open House Example) – Watch how they connect with their audiences and deliver amazing content.

Action 5

Create Your COVID Comeback Plan.

  • I know you’ve heard this before, but it’s undeniably time to ditch your 2020 business plan and re-tool for the future, post COVID-19.
  • Be ready for a comeback because what we know for sure is: “This too shall pass.”
  • Start by looking at all the ways you have generated business and serviced your clients in the past and make it current to our new reality and what will likely be our new normal.

I’ll be sharing more on creating your COVID comeback plan in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

Until then, remember, it’s a beautiful life, make it count.


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