5 REALTORS® Who Are Doing Video Right

RRI coaching members are extremely talented and we’re always excited to feature them.  Video is hot (and here to stay) so I thought I’d show you some creative videos our members have produced and break down what they’re doing right.  Here are 5 RRI coaching members (who are active real estate professionals) and their incredible videos:

Darryl Watty – Kitchener, Ontario

How do you get thousands of views on a video about a small house in Kitchener?  Authenticity, personality, and fun.  Darryl’s listing videos are informative and well-produced and most importantly, they’re fun to watch.  Darryl’s warm and engaging shines through in his highly entertaining video tours.

The Takeaway:

Get creative and be authentic.  Don’t be afraid of humor.  Comedy is the most watched type of video online.

Kate Miller – North Vancouver, BC

Watching Kate’s testimonial video will make you want to drop everything and hire her to help you move to North Vancouver.   This video does such a great job of capturing who Kate Miller is and what she can do for you.

The Takeaway:

Hire a professional for filming evergreen videos such as testimonials. These videos will be watched over and over again.  You will be happy you used the extra money on something that made you and your business look professional.

Darin Germyn – Surrey, BC

Darin is using video on YouTube, Facebook, his website…you name it!  He is also using BombBomb for emailing and texting personalized video to clients.

The Takeaway:

Utilize video every way that you can. Facebook; Facebook Live, YouTube, BombBomb, Instagram…whatever works for you. Just pick up the camera, and let it roll.

Peter Brouwer – Halifax, NS

Taking your job seriously doesn’t mean you have to take yourself too seriously. Peter’s blooper reel is disarming, and shows he’s open and transparent with his clients.

The Takeaway:

Don’t forget to have fun!

Keith Roy – Vancouver, BC

To promote his new podcast, Keith shot a video to use with a paid Facebook ad. This quick video was shot on an iPhone in seconds. For a cost of just over $10, in three days, the video has been viewed 711 times resulting in 40 downloads of the episode.

The Takeaway:

Utilize quick video for Facebook or YouTube ads, and don’t forget to add captions (rev.com allows you to easily add captions to videos) since 85% of videos on Facebook are viewed with no sound. With video, a little budget can go a long way and really increase your brand awareness.

The Big Takeaway…

Be authentic, have fun, get creative, and hire a professional for evergreen content. 

Until next time, make it count!