5 Real Estate “Hacks” You Can Do in 5 Minutes or Less

Definition of “Hack” – an appropriate application of Ingenuity

Got five minutes to kill? Here are five things you can do right now to increase your productivity and drive your business forward.

1) Set up Google Alerts 

If you’re not already using Google alerts to stay updated, you should fix that. You can set up searches for news pertaining to your real estate board, specific areas you specialize in, general real estate news in your city, changes to mortgage rules and anything else you can think of that could be useful to you or your clients.

Most importantly, once you receive that information do something with it. If you read something that could be valuable to your clients, post it to social media, write a blog post or better yet, pick up the phone.

2) Pick Up the Phone

Make a quick, spontaneous call to someone in your database. Maybe you drove by their house recently and want to point out what a beautiful job they’ve done on their landscaping. Maybe you call and see how things are working out in a new home.

Are they still considering that renovation? Can you suggest a contractor for the job?

Whatever the reason, this isn’t a sales call. Just a quick call to say hello, add value and stay top of mind.

3) Write a Note

What’s more likely to get a response; an email or a hand written note? Notes are rare in today’s world and they feel special when you receive them. Take a few minutes to write and mail a note to someone. Maybe it’s a great agent you worked with recently on a transaction, a valued client, a dear friend or your mother (mothers love hand written notes). Shifting your focus outwards will not only brighten someone else’s day, it will probably brighten yours, as well.

Giving starts the receiving process.

4) The Dinner Party CMA

When someone knows you’re a Realtor, what’s the first thing they ask?

How’s the market?

Apart from always needing a good answer to this question, it helps to quote specifics. Next time you’re heading out to an event, do a quick search for active and recently sold listings in that immediate area.  Memorize the key details. When you inevitably get asked this question, you’ll not only be able to give them your expert advice on market conditions, but you can tell them exactly what the house next door sold for two weeks ago. Suddenly, you’re a real estate super star.

5) Get Up and Move

Movement is the quickest way to bring new perspective to your current challenges. Get outside if you can and feel the sun. Move your legs and shake out the day. If the weather is terrible, walk around the office or better yet take a mid afternoon dance break. Chances are, no one else participates but you’re guaranteed to make someone smile, and who in a real estate office doesn’t need a smile?


Remember, it’s a beautiful life. Make it count.