25 Things to Post on Facebook

So, you have a Facebook business page…now what?  If you’re just using your page to post information about yourself and your listings, your followers will quickly get bored.  They want useful information, so follow the 80/20 rule –80% value added content, 20% promotional content.  If you’re wondering what the 80% is going to look like, here’s a list of 25 things you could post:


  1. Link your audience to local businesses.
    Cross promotion can be great for your business.
  2. Ask your followers what their favorite restaurant or coffee shop is.
  3. Post about spas/gyms/services nearby.
  4. Start a conversation.
    Tell a story about the best concert you ever went to and ask your followers to reciprocate.
  5. Are there any unique events in your neighborhood this week?
  6. Have you been to any events in your neighborhood to highlight this week?
  7. Is there construction nearby?  How long will that be going on for?
  8. Any new developments in the area?
  9. Set up a Google alert for your neighborhood to instantly receive local news – post it quickly.
  10. Are there any local charities you support that you can feature on your page?


Real estate news and policy changes

  1. Post news articles and your opinions about them.
    It’s okay to post a long Facebook status every so often. Clicking the “read more” button inspires people to feel invested in your post.  If they’ve taken the time to read a long post, odds are they will share and like it.
  2. Set up a Google Alert for keywords in your city and post articles in a timely manner.
    Examples of keywords include: “Vancouver Real Estate,” “British Columbia Real Estate,” “Vancouver Real Estate Board,” “Canadian Mortgage,” “Interest Rates Canada.”
  3. Is there a great property in your area you want to highlight?
    It doesn’t have to be your own, but link to the listing on your website (via Reciprocity) if possible.
  4. Highlight a celebrity property
    For example, Michael Jordan’s house has been listed for over four years at almost 15 million dollars. The house comes with a pair of every style of Air Jordan’s ever made.
  5. Post market stats on a specific neighborhood or property type.
    Example – how are the condo and townhouse market stats different than the detached stats in your marketplace?
  6. Show a chart of home values in your market place over a time period.
  7. Showcase which areas in your marketplace are a buyers and sellers market.


Go live, and be personal

  1. Go live and feature a property you just listed.
  2. Go live when you’re on tour and showcase a cool feature of a home you’re in.
  3. Go live when handing keys off to a happy client.
  4. Get creative with Facebook live and use it your own way.
    Users can view live videos on your page after they’re posted, as well.
  5. Post a photo of a business in your area that hasn’t been around in a while.
    Example – an old movie theater, restaurant, coffee shop, building, etc. Remember – the point is to get people talking and engaged.
  6. Check your city archives and post some photos of the area from the past.
    You could even post a neat side by side of “then vs. now” – this gets people sharing and talking.
  7. Use apps like Canva and Wordswag to create custom graphics and add quotes to your photos.
    It’s a quick way to add humour and to personalize your pictures!
  8. Ask yourself, “is this an authentic moment worth sharing?” If yes, share it!
    Post a photo or a video. The most important thing to remember on social media is this – be authentic.


Until then, make it count.

Richard Robbins