20 Ways to Deliver the Unexpected


Surprise your clients, team, and loved ones with a gift to make their day.

  1. Drop off baked goods
  2. Promote a local business on social media
  3. Write and mail a hand-written thank you note
  4. Send a bottle of champagne for celebrations
  5. Make a gift donation to a cause that you know your client cares about
  6. Deliver a “beach in a box”
    (with a note saying, “Saving for a house and can’t afford that vacation? Here’s a mini vacation in a box, courtesy of [your company name]. Put on some Bob Marley, turn up the thermostat, read your book, and relax!”)
  7. For those clients you know are saving extra hard to be able to afford a down payment, buy them a couple of nights in a hotel downtown!
  8. Send someone a copy of a book you love
  9. As best you can, put your phone away and be present for a whole day
  10. Email, text, or Facebook message a genuine compliment to three people
  11. Make a customized move-in playlist for a client on Spotify and share with them
  12. Send your office receptionist or assistant flowers just to say thanks
  13. Pick up a buyer for a tour in a limo
  14. Hire a pro photographer
    to take photos of your buyers in their brand new house, then get the photo printed for them
  15. Buy your seller clients a nice dinner out
    or a lunch next time you need them to leave the house for a showing or open house
  16. Leave flowers behind for your clients after an open house
  17. Have everyone in your office help you record an awesome “happy birthday” video for a client’s birthday
  18. A few days before moving day, deliver a “moving essentials” package to your clients.
    Include things like a pizza gift card, beer, cleaning supplies and toilet paper
  19. Buy clients a meal delivery subscription for their first week in their new house
  20. Bring flowers home for your spouse
    (because being married to a real estate agent is hard work!)


It’s a beautiful life, make it count.