10 Ideas to Deliver the Unexpected to Your Home Buyers When They Move In!

If you are familiar with RRI, then you know that one of our core philosophies is to Deliver the Unexpected (or DTU for short). I believe in this practice so much, in fact, that I wrote a book called, Deliver the Unexpected: And 6 Other New Truths for Business Success.

For sales and business professionals who truly want to succeed, the only place to operate is in the highest level of value delivery: the unexpected value.

Expected value is delivering exactly what you promised you would deliver. This is good of course, but it’s expected as it should be. Unexpected value is when you deliver more than what was expected. It’s about surprising and delighting your clients at every opportunity. It requires thinking about any potential problem or pain point on your client’s real estate journey before they happen. And solving them.

Unexpected value doesn’t have to costs thousands of dollars – in fact, it costs little more than the desire to do something great for those you serve.

To kickstart your DTU thought process, here are 10 things that many homebuyers wished they had when they moved into their home. This is your opportunity to #DTU and turn a loyal client into an active advocate. Be sure to leave a note and let them know what you did!

  1. Label the electrical panel and breaker switches.
  2. Label all preexisting keys and provide an extra garage door remote.
  3. Leave instructions on where to locate and how to turn on/off the outside water main.
  4. Organize instruction manuals and warranty information for any electronics/appliances.
  5. Leave extra touch up paint and label them for each room they belong to.
  6. Include additional light bulbs for easy and fast replacement.
  7. Leave instructions on how to change the furnace filter and a maintenance schedule.
  8. Leave instructions (or send a video) on how to program home amenities like smart thermostat, heated bathroom floors, smart electronics, timers for outdoor lights, etc.
  9. Store, label and organize any additional hardwood flooring, tiles, cabinetry, etc.
  10. Create a list of recommended home service providers such as landscapers, snow removal, pool cleaners, window cleaners, carpet cleaners, gutter cleaners, irrigation providers. (Better yet, create a relationship with these providers and get a discount for your clients.)

I encourage you to keep Delivering the Unexpected top of mind in every aspect of your business and life. Make DTU’s part of your culture at work and at home and watch the overwhelming joy it brings to your life and those you serve.

Until next time, it’s a beautiful life, make it count.