What My Daughter Taught Me This Summer

Last year was my daughter?s first year at university, and like many new students, Jaimie was excited to experience the independence of being on her own and the newfound freedom that came with it.

As we know however, with newfound freedom also comes newfound learning. With only 15 hours of scheduled class time, an entire building full of new friends, and a lack of disposable income, Jaimie was soon staying up later than ever (not wanting to miss anything), getting up later and later, and of course, spending a lot less time at the gym and eating the cheapest food she could find at the grocery store?pasta! The result? A lack of discipline, weight gain (Frosh 15, I think they call it), and a life more focused on pleasure than on accomplishment. For those readers who have attended university, I know you can relate to what I am saying.

As the school year ended, however, Jamie returned home to a full time job at Rogers?the same one she?d had the summer before. That meant getting up early every day, showering, getting dressed appropriately for the office and driving 30-45 minutes downtown for a full day?s work?quite a change from what she?d been used in the previous eight months.

I am happy to report, though, that Jaimie embraced the radical change of pace with an unexpected enthusiasm. She loved the routine of getting up and getting dressed everyday, and more importantly, she loved the feeling of being productive. Her energy levels soared almost immediately, and so on top of her full time work she started back at the gym, not just a couple days a week, but two hours every night after work, six days a week. She has maintained this schedule since May of this year.

Jaimie comes home after a long day of work and the gym feeling so good and so incredibly proud of herself. The results of her hard work? With her newfound passion for being productive, Jaimie goes to bed earlier, and gets up earlier even on weekends when she doesn?t have to work. She has lost nearly 15 pounds, has paid off nearly 20% of her car so far this summer plus managed to save enough money so she can buy more than just pasta when she returns to school in September. But best of all, Jaimie has never been happier, she is loving life and is having the best summer she has ever had.

Like all of us, being productive and doing more of what we know we should be doing creates a deep sense of accomplishment and purpose. This in turn boosts our confidence, self-esteem and self-worth to unimaginable heights.

Are you trying to get away with things, or get on with things?

Many of us, if we?re honest with ourselves, know we?re trying to get away with things rather get on with things. The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to find a way to do the important things?the things we know we should. As the saying goes, we don?t regret the things we do; we regret the things we don?t.

Is there something you should be doing that you?re not? What?s stopping you? Let us know in the comments…