This is What Extraordinary Customer Service Looks Like

Technology advances in the real estate industry were already moving at warp speed prior to the pandemic with companies like Zillow, Open Door and Trulia harnessing the power of big data to capture the attention of buyers and sellers.

However, technology – regardless of how shiny and new – cannot compete with exceptional customer service and with your human ability to create a stress free, joyful and seamless real estate experience. THIS is your competitive advantage today.

93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service.
HubSpot Research

Here are 8 Ideas from RRI Coaching Members on what they are doing to create an exceptional experience.

Idea #1

Closing Day Buyer Checklist

Idea Compliments of Ashley Smith, Toronto, ON

For any real estate professional who has had a client buying a home, you know that closing day is an exciting yet hectic one.

Before your buyers get settled in their new home, it’s important to ensure that things being left behind as per the contract are in working order. Checking things like the air conditioner, the washer and dryer, kitchen appliances, garage door openers and other appliances is an important step.

A Closing Day Buyer Checklist that lists everything they should take action on will help alleviate stress. It documents what they need to remember to check and also reveals potential issues that can be addressed sooner than later

Idea #2

Handling Bookings

Idea Compliments of Geoff McLennan, New Westminster, BC

This helpful idea takes away the pain points of fixing things around the home when sellers decide it’s the right time to place their home on the market.

Anytime your buyer or seller needs to hire another service in the real estate transaction, why not handle the booking for them? Whether they need a mortgage broker, a cleaner, a Notary, a home inspector, etc., this is your opportunity to go above and beyond, not only to recommend a service, but also to handle the booking and save time for your clients.

Idea #3

Making Introductions

Idea Compliments of Dawn Walton, Nanaimo, BC

In order for a smooth and successful real estate transaction to take place, a team of people are in charge of the execution. While you may have the initial meeting with clients, it’s important to introduce your team to your clients to ensure they feel comfortable that you haven’t abandoned them to strangers.

If someone on your team is responsible for managing subjects or conditions on offers, then be sure your client is familiar with this person right away. Use a series of emails and video introductions to ensure your clients are familiar with your entire company.

Idea #4

The One-Two-Three Punch on Firm Up Day

Idea Compliments of Bill Parnaby, Caledon, ON

The day your client signs and firms up a contract to buy or sell a house is a momentous one. This idea helps make your client’s momentous day even more memorable.

One, upon an offer being accepted, you can send a video congratulating your clients. This personalized video fuels the excitement of the moment.

Two, courier a personalized letter and bottle of Prosecco/Champagne the very same day to help your clients celebrate properly.

Three, the following day, send a follow-up video email, congratulating them again and gently asking for a review. While this idea provides above-and-beyond customer service, it is also an opportunity for the real estate professional to gain another rave review.

Idea #5

Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Idea Compliments of Geoff Pershick, North Vancouver, BC

One of the hardest parts of negotiating a listing is coming to an agreement for the listing price of the property. Determining a fair market value for a home is crucial when going to market. A pre-listing home inspection can help in two key areas:

First, a pre-listing home inspection will provide tangible evidence and reasoning for the listing price of a property. All home improvements have been considered and both the agent and homeowners can confidently go to market with their appraised listing.

Second, in multiple offer situations where time is of the essence for buyers, the pre-listing home inspection can be an excellent tool to provide peace-of-mind to potential buyers. The pre-listing home inspection confirms the exact condition of the property and offers a no-surprise transaction.

Idea #6

The Next-Step Email Series

Idea Compliments of Multiple RRI Coaching Members

The real estate transaction process can take weeks, sometimes even months, to complete. There is a lot to remember for both buyers and sellers and it’s easy to have important due dates slip by without notice.

That is where a templated set of emails outlining the entire process becomes a massive help to your clients. From the introduction of your team, to marketing efforts, open house data, offers, sale agreements, packing lists and more.

Communicating step-by-step brings confidence and calm to your clients. The emails should be thoughtful and inspiring enough to get your clients to complete a task if needed.

Be sure to use video to emphasize important emails and don’t be afraid to get very specific.

From how to prepare for an inspection, to moving cars from the driveway during an open house, your templated emails can prepare your clients for anything.

Idea #7

The Inclusions & Exclusions List

Idea Compliments of Patricia Guernsey, Belleville, ON

Great customer service is about making your client’s life easier. So, don’t make your sellers dig through a lengthy contract to try and remember what they are supposed to leave or take – create a handy Inclusion and Exclusion List that summarizes this for them.

Idea #8

Next Level in Packing Boxes

Idea Compliments of Emma Stewart, Langley, BC

We all know moving is as stressful as it is exciting. Packing everything you own into clumsy cardboard boxes can be an organizational nightmare. That is where this next idea takes customer service to the next level.

A company called FrogBox offers stackable, plastic moving boxes that they deliver straight to your client’s door, and sequentially, picks up at their new home once they’ve been emptied. To help take this idea to the next level, real estate professionals get a special deal with FrogBox.

Your client would normally pay $450.00 for 50 boxes, but your discount makes the cost closer to $250.00. Imagine offering this as a complimentary service to your clients!

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