The 26 Most Common Sales Mistakes

ListeningEar1. Not listening, or listening with the intention of responding rather than listening with the intention of understanding.

2. Being interesting rather than interested.

3. Trying to closing a sale, rather than open a relationship.

4. Preparing by thinking about what you are going to tell the prospect, instead of what you are going to ask the prospect. Selling is asking, not telling.

5. Trying to sell or persuade prospects, rather the educate them. Education is the highest form of sales.

6. Not generating/prospecting for new business every working day!

7. Working with unqualified and/or unmotivated prospects. When people don?t have to make a decision, they often won?t.

8. Not visualizing your desired outcome before an appointment. Your focus will quite often become your reality.

9. Not following a highly productive daily schedule. Plan your day and then work your plan.

10. Not having a compelling value proposition. Make it a no-brainer decision for prospects to do business with you.

11. Focusing on what you are going to get (money), rather what you are going to give and contribute (the value you deliver).

12. Competing on price, rather than value. Only 10% of people want the best price, 90% want value.

13. Not believing in you! You must believe. If you don?t believe in you, no one else will either.

14. Not engaging in lifelong learning. What you know has gotten you where you are. The question you need to ask is, ?What do I need to learn to get where I want to go??

15. Not learning from unsuccessful presentations. Always ask yourself, ?What did I do right? What did I do wrong? What could I have done better?? .

Productive16. Not spending 80% of your working day in dollar productive activities.

17. Not doing lead follow-up EVERYDAY!

18. Not setting a qualified sales appointment EVERYDAY!

19. Not taking QUALITY time off to rest, renew and recharge. (BIG MISTAKE!)

20. Focusing your sales presentation on what you are going to do, rather than what you have already done for others.

21. Thinking that social media, e-mail and other tools mean you no longer need to make outgoing sales calls.

22. Focusing more on pre-sale service, rather than post-sale service.

23. Thinking the sale is complete before the customer is satisfied! (BIG MISTAKE!)

24. Putting what could/should be done today off until Monday. Top producers get it done NOW!

25. Trying to be everything to everybody. Sometimes you need to say no.

26. Being afraid to strike out! Babe Ruth was not only the home run king. He was also the strikeout king!

Do you have a sales mistake to add? Let us know in the comments!