For the Next Month or So, Talk to Your Clients About This…

This month sales were down in almost every market across the country, with Toronto seeing a decrease in sales of nearly 27%.  As we move into more of a balanced market in Canada, with less homes selling, agents need to be better at what they do in order to continue to sell.  The best way you can be better is by providing expert advice and insights. A great way to provide insight this quarter? Talk about the new OSFI mortgage stress test coming into place January 1, 2018.

Video Highlights:

  • Use market intelligence to set yourself apart from other agents and provide insight to your clients
  • New mortgage rules are something most people have heard of but don’t entirely understand, help them understand.
  • For the next 4 – 6 weeks, provide as much information about these new rules as possible (blog posts, social media, videos, phone calls, emails…)
  • Who knows, this might even LEAD to some more LEADS


Until next time, make it count.